Lost in Microsoft Space? Explore the Office 365 Galaxy.

Driving Office 365 adoption in zero gravity

Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s leading business software solution for a number of excellent reasons. Cloud-based working on Office 365 enables organisations to be more scalable and agile, providing flexibility for staff through co-authoring and mobile access while reducing IT support burden. Microsoft continually roll out new functionality as well as investing billions in security to provide a dynamic and comprehensive business platform.

There just isn’t a competitive offering that comes close to providing the same comprehensive range of services. Not long ago, Forrester Research used their Total Economic Impact tool to calculate a 162% ROI for successful O365 adoption within a 3-year period.

The thing is though, we're not using it. Depending on the size of your organisation, it's often estimated that most users are only adopting 20% of Office 365 functionality. Many CTOs are wary of releasing too much functionality to avoid creating user confusion and some are themselves struggling to keep on top of updates and enhancements – it can seem like a full time job.

Users are too busy to even think about what tools are available and how they might leverage them to be more productive or collaborate more easily. They are dealing with meetings, deadlines and that obnoxious woman from Marketing who keeps pushing in the coffee queue which is why everyone is living in their inboxes and emailing around WIP minutes.

So – we need to help users benefit more broadly from Office 365, but how? Many organisations tend to look at the apps and tools available in Office 365 and then try to figure out what to do with them. It’s a bit like wandering into Bunnings and considering each power tool for its potential rather than starting with the bookshelf you need to build.

What might be more effective – and less time consuming – is looking at the organisation’s business needs first, then use them to identify the right Office 365 tools.

Introducing the Office 365 Galaxy

WebVine has developed a free resource called the Office 365 Galaxy. It’s a fun way to explore the applications available in Office 365 – what they are, what they do, tips & tricks – but it also allows you to start with what you are trying to get done. Select from eight use cases like “Communicate with People and Teams” or “Manage tasks” and your personal spaceship will fly you to the right system.

One way to use the Galaxy might be to allocate a business use case each to a few adoption champions and ask them to propose an Office 365 app for their nominated requirement. If you are just curious about Sway or Delve, you can look them up, too.

Microsoft Office 365 is a world-class platform – why not take advantage of the services you already pay for? Check out the Office 365 Galaxy and start exploring.