Microsoft Forms allows you to create surveys and questionnaires quickly and easily online and share them via a link.

Add new questions with one click and select from different question types – multiple choice, text (long or short), rating or date. Duplicate and edit questions for faster quiz creation. Questions can be moved around once created by simply clicking on an arrow and made mandatory when required.

Click Share when you are finished to email a link, embed to a web page or even create a QR code. Tallied responses can be viewed in a simple and attractive format or exported to Excel.

Forms can be made public or limited to respondees in the same Office 365 domain.

Helps with

Quick and easy interface for creating simple quiz or feedback questionnaires.

Select from different theme colours or images and insert a picture or video into the quiz for richer content.

Responsive: preview your form on different devices to make sure the experience is as you expect.

Shuffle questions to prevent question order bias.

Beware of

If the owner of a form leaves your organisation, all their data including Forms will be deleted 30 days after the user account has been deleted from your tenant.

If you have selected “Record name”, Forms will collect respondee details from the Office 365 domain. De-select this in the Settings tab if the form is meant to be anonymous.

Forms cannot currently be recovered if deleted accidentally.

Microsoft Forms

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