Microsoft OneNote is like a collection of digital notebooks. It can be a powerful tool to organise your work and ideas.

Use it to gather handwritten or typed notes, drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. It’s the Swiss Army knife of the O365 universe – many small & useful tools in a handy case.

Stick in all the interesting stuff you find and create, highlight parts, scribble on pictures, move and add new pages then share with other OneNote users over your network or the web.

Because it’s part of Microsoft Office 365, sharing notes and projects between users is easy.

Helps with

OneNote allows free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration:

Ideas and lists: Holiday plans, renovation inspiration, or just the shopping list – keep track of your genius with OneNote. Create sections according to topic or date to stay organised.

Meeting minutes –  OneNote 2013 and above can read your handwritten notes and convert them to text automatically, to make them searchable (and legible). You can even add an audio recording into your OneNote meeting notes.

Easily add your action items from a meeting direct from OneNote to Outlook Tasks.

Search: Use the dropdown menu to the right of the search field in the OneNote App (not online) to narrow down your search results for by Section or Notebook, with the option to set the default for future searches.

Team Collaboration – share a link and nominate view or edit access. OneNote can sync among mobile and desktop devices.

Sophisticated co-authoring options let you easily view which changes have been made by whom.

Beware of

Because of its flexibility, OneNote can get messy and hard to manage, especially with multiple users.

For project documents and more regimented use cases, stick to Planner and Teams.

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