Power BI

Originally an add-on to other Microsoft products, Power BI is a business analytics tool that allows business users to visualise data to inform decisions. Power BI can be used with cloud, on-premises or hybrid architecture and accessed on desktop or mobile to intuitively present data from multiple sources, including SharePoint.

Use Power BI to bring your data to life with visual dashboards and interactive reports, helping you and your stakeholders to quickly access and understand real-time data. It can connect to SQL or Access databases or even Excel spreadsheets to create reports and dashboards without the help of IT or database experts. Point your BI tool at a particular app or data set and incorporate that data into your analysis, using natural language queries.

Helps with

Analysis: Power BI helps people leverage their data through user-friendly dashboards, ensuring your hard-won data is actually being used to optimise internal processes, understand customers or highlight potential cost savings.

Communication: Produce beautiful reports quickly, then publish them for your teams and clients to view online.

Insights on the go: The Power BI mobile app for Windows 10 brings Power BI to your tablet or phone, with touch-enabled mobile access to your business information.

Beware of

If you use the “Publish to web” tool, remember you are putting your data visualisations on the internet and they can be viewed by anyone.

You may find it simpler and faster to use the desktop software over the web tool if you’re working with locally stored data.

Anyone who wants to view a dashboard needs to have a Power BI account.

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