SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform. Primarily installed as a content system, SharePoint is extremely flexible and can be configurable to a wide range of business uses with the ability to store, manage, search and collaborate in one place.

Due to its flexible nature and content capabilities, SharePoint is a popular platform for company intranets, including our very own Injio.

SharePoint can be used by project teams to manage documents, work on projects, co-author documents, automate forms and other workflows, track tasks, manage timelines and much more.

Groups can set up a centralised, password-protected space for document sharing and collaboration across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Helps with

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation.

Build engagement and communicate with employees using a company intranet on SharePoint.

Discover information with powerful search focused by filters and enhanced with tags.

Collaboration via Team sites: access and simultaneously edit documents, assign/manage tasks and have conversations. Every document and edit is saved to the cloud (in the online version), keeping every team member up to date. Team members can see task dependencies as well as status.

Content sharing via Communication sites – “broadcast” a message, tell a story, share content for viewing (but not editing), or showcase services or people.

Hub Sites allow you to bring Team Sites and Communication Sites together into a centralised interface. They are available only to Office 365 cloud services subscribers using SharePoint Online.

Beware of

Governance: What SharePoint provides in terms of functionality comes at a cost – it requires configuration, governance and information management strategies that for some use cases will seem too heavy for ad hoc collaboration.

Proliferation: It can be tempting to build a team site for every conceivable purpose, but beware the team site graveyard

Search: many SharePoint users don’t think about search until it doesn’t work. Plan your search strategy early and refine regularly

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