To Do

Microsoft To-Do provides basic functionality to organise your personal and work life. It is free to download and although To-Do doesn’t have its own API, it’s still possible to connect it with Outlook.

Create simple to do lists, set reminders and keep track of action items. It is extremely easy to use, just create a new To-Do, add any relevant details then check when complete.

You can personalise your lists with themes and colours or assign an emoji to identify each list.

“My Day” encourages users to focus on daily tasks by offering a fresh list every day. Tapping a task’s light bulb icon places it on the My Day screen.

Intelligent suggestions recommends tasks for each new day based on upcoming items or old entries.

Helps with

Shopping lists. Appointments. Birthday reminders. Get rid of your sticky notes and manage your tasks like a boss: work, school, sport or household to-dos.

In the past we have struggled to sync Outlook tasks to iPhone reminders without work and home worlds colliding. Your Outlook Tasks can now be synced with To-Do, utilising reminder functionality.

Beware of

To-Do is a simple app. It is not designed to record detailed notes with images or diagrams, track percentage of completion, delegate jobs or adjust a task’s status. For these you must use the desktop version, or try Planner.

Tasks created in To-Do appear within Outlook as generic tasks without list association, so a task added to a personal list called “book tickets” might be confusing without more detail.

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