Yammer is the O365 enterprise social networking (ESN) service, commonly used for private communication within organisations but also able to be deployed in an extranet for collaboration with clients or suppliers. Microsoft acquired Yammer in June 2012

Also known as “Facebook for Business”, Yammer is a social network for employees, allowing people to tag each other for direct messages, use hashtags for searchability, attach files to posts and to create groups/teams for collaboration.

A “YamJam” is a digital version of a town hall meeting that takes place on Yammer, usually within a designated group. A YamJam can be an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions of company leaders, subject matter experts or external guest speakers without everyone having to physically be in the same space.

Helps with

Communication: best for informal, fast paced communications, either organisation-wide or within a predefined group. Yammer allows broad, company wide engagement whereas other apps like Teams require a specific group membership to participate.

Employee engagement:  Yammer enables transparency and connection with senior management, particularly for dispersed teams. Leaders can engage in two-way communication to update people on major initiatives, gather feedback and address concerns.

Use tagging in Yammer exchanges to locate conversations by keywords.

Beware of

Low adoption. Yammer is notorious for excited launches followed by crickets.

The openness of Yammer can be scary for organisations and there is no approval or moderation process.

Lack of business focus: It’s great that people are connecting with each other, but to get the full ESN benefit, senior management need to lead the charge and demonstrate the business potential.

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