The Business Outcome

Accolade’s new Injio intranet
“The B@ck Label” is a mobile-optimised platform built on SharePoint Modern with an engaging design that reflects Accolade Wines’ corporate branding.

Real Time Sharing
Using SharePoint Online and taking advantage of the SharePoint mobile app, all employees can stay up to date with the latest news, share information or look up a colleague regardless of whether they’re on the road, in an operational site or out in a vineyard. The ease of uploading content and media means that every story around the globe hits The B@ck Label in real time.

User Friendly Interface
Accolade Wines team members can communicate more effectively and naturally, with the Injio intranet providing a centralised channel with a user-friendly interface. Information is presented and ordered intuitively with no more than 3 clicks to the right page. Users can personalise their experience by bookmarking frequently accessed links to pages, people and documents. Across 20 countries worldwide, 74% of Accolade Wines employees access The B@ck Label every week.

Reduced IT support
This new platform has significantly reduced IT support, freeing up valuable resources to work on other business critical initiatives, and avoiding or deferring the cost of over 315 man hours.

Reduction in Network Usage
The use of online forms to replace unstructured email requests or manual forms has resulted in significant time savings and reduction in rework associated with incomplete forms.

Here's their say

Most importantly, the Accolade Wines team love their new intranet:

“On par with other leading organisations.”

Senior Leadership Team Member

“OMG…So much better and easy to use. Love it!”

Commercial Sales Team Member

“We’ve gone from Laggard to Leader overnight”

IT Manager.


To drive staff engagement outcomes, WebVine have developed an interactive Teams social channel integrating Microsoft Teams. Linked to Accolade Wines’ reward and recognition program, this channel will launch in mid-2021, featuring personalised ‘shout outs’ and recognition for employees across the world – another major contribution to Accolade Wines’ high-performance culture.