Microsoft’s Modern SharePoint platform allows us to create a customised user experience and deliver clear communication, staff engagement, productivity and total mobile accessibility.

The Injio Modern Digital Workplace has been developed using the SharePoint Modern Framework (SPFx) to deliver a powerful and flexible intranet solution.

Great UX

SharePoint Modern Intranets present a clean, crisp interface with fast loading pages that look great on any device. Your organisation will love the rich multimedia content, intuitive navigation and easy-to-use design. Authorised users can modify the module design, edit search filters and more.

Integrate Your Apps

The average employee uses 10 different applications every day with 68% expecting that number to rise.

Injio Modern pulls content from Office 365, delivering a Digital Workplace that functions as a powerful centralised hub. Access Microsoft Teams, SharePoint documents, Planner tasks and shared calendars without switching screens for greater productivity.

Find and Connect

Give your SharePoint staff directory a facelift with a spunky new interface. Check a team member’s availability and email them directly or kick off a Teams or Skype for Business chat.

The Injio Modern maps function boasts improved navigation helps you find what – and whom – you need faster with new filters and enhanced search capabilities.


The Injio Modern Intranet delivers a faster and more reliable personalised workplace experience, leveraging the latest Microsoft Bot Framework. Book resources, onboard new staff and locate information easily: why not let our Digital Assistant make your life easier?

Injio SharePoint Modern

A SharePoint Modern intranet
you will love, delivered fast

Injio is a fully functional SharePoint intranet solution that can deliver you a cost effective, dynamic and beautiful intranet in a matter of weeks. Completely responsive, Injio allows mobile access on the go. Choose one of our professionally designed templates or use your own branding. However you want it to look, we can make it happen. Still using Classic SharePoint? No problem we can do that too.

These free resources will help you create a beautiful intranet that people love to use every day.

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