A Framework for Digital Transformation

Use the 6I’s framework to position your organisation for Digital Transformation success by focusing on high-impact initiatives.

  • The 6I’s process will help you define and plan your Digital Transformation:
  • Solve key problems in your organisation
  • Create a compelling business case for executive support
  • Leverage your investment in digital technology and increase ROI
  • Assess stakeholder priorities


How to identify opportunities for Digital Transformation throughout your organisation.


Measure the impact of the opportunities and calculate ROI to support the Digital Transformation initiative.


Generate ideas to solve these problems and decide whether tackling each one is feasible.


Get clear on which solutions to investigate, then develop the winning ideas with deeper understanding and accuracy.


Once the solutions have been designed, it’s time to get down to business and fully create them.


Measure the impact of the implemented solutions and look to enhance them. Small changes can make a big difference.

“For those who want to get their digital transformation journey started or revisited, I highly recommend to join Marcus and his team for their Digital Transformation breakfast session. The focus is on steps to take and not the tools to buy into. And it offered a great mix of practical and relatable examples which can be applied no matter which industry you are working in.”

Katrin Stoecker, COO,

Steadfast Underwriting Agencies

Don’t risk your transformation project

It make sense to invest the time to safeguard months of work. This framework will help you:

Identify the opportunities for digital transformation at your organisation
Create a plan to transform the way you work
Quantify the benefits and measure ROI
Build executive support
Manage stakeholder demands through objective assessment

The 6I’s convinced the executive team to prioritise Digital Transformation and we now have a number of projects in the works that otherwise would not have happened.

Daniel Carter

IT Manager, Disability Services Australia