SharePoint as an Intranet

5 Reasons to use SharePoint

Whether your organisation uses SharePoint on premises or SharePoint online, it can provide the foundations of a secure, user-friendly scalable intranet portal. SharePoint online does tend to be more popular as it reduces the demands on the IT team to maintain hardware and install updates and supports greater mobile accessibility for remote work.

1. Document management

SharePoint is at heart an information management tool – designed to store documents and resources in a way that makes them easy to find, manage and share. Effective intranets provide a single share. Effective intranets provide a single source of truth for policies, procedures, templates and wikis – and SharePoint is the natural home for these.

2. Microsoft 365 integration

As an essential part of the Microsoft 365 suite, SharePoint is already integrated with all the apps and services your organisation is already using: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI as well as Teams. This makes it a natural fit to provide a one stop shop to access and use these tools.

3. Leverage existing resources

Being part of M365 also means that if your organisation is using Microsoft 365, you are already paying for SharePoint. It makes sense to use a powerful tool you already have rather than paying for another piece of software to do the same thing

4. Streamline Internal Communications

SharePoint, particularly SharePoint Modern, incorporates sophisticated content publishing and management capabilities. It’s fast and easy to produce professional looking content that is mobile responsive and presents well on any device. Content can be added once, then distributed in different ways, through news articles, emails or even through Teams. With branded page templates and automated approval flows, SharePoint makes internal communications faster, easier and more beautiful.

5. People Search and Content Targeting

Most business users are not really aware of Active Directory but it is your Microsoft centralised people directory and can have a huge impact on the usefulness of your intranet. A SharePoint intranet can easily integrate with Active Directory to surface essential staff information such as job role, location and contact details, helping people find and contact each other. Active Directory integration also allows a SharePoint intranet to support personalisation and content targeting, only showing certain updates to people based on location, department or seniority.


The 9 Pillars of Digital Workplace Success

Planning Your SharePoint Intranet

Any intranet requires careful planning to ensure it achieves the organisation’s goals. Your SharePoint Intranet represents a significant investment in time and money and must deliver return on investment in terms of effective communications, enhanced collaboration, staff retention and improved business processes. Intranet planning is a complex process with many stakeholders and dependencies. At a high level, it will cover five main areas:

SharePoint Intranet in a Box

An intranet in a box is a ready-built intranet platform that uses SharePoint as a foundation. This means you can leverage all the power, accessibility and security of Microsoft SharePoint while allowing greater flexibility and more sophisticated capabilities.

Injio is a ready-built SharePoint intranet with beautiful design, personalised UX and powerful integrations. Highly customisable and ready in weeks, Injio delivers all the features you expect in a market-leading intranet with powerful integrations such as Teams, Service Now, TRIM and Power BI.

A Powerful, Integrated SharePoint Intranet

A modern SharePoint intranet with slick looks and packed with functionality – designed and built by experts.

Injio intranet in a box is the gateway to your organisation, ensuring people can find what they need, when they need it. Select your modules, choose your design and be ready to launch in weeks. Injio can be built on SharePoint online or on-premises, and sits 100% within your environment.

  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Mobile responsive
  • Personalised for your users
  • Automated process flows
  • Targeted communications that cut through


Need a new SharePoint Intranet?

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