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A SharePoint Modern Intranet You Will Love, Delivered Fast

Injio is a fully functional SharePoint intranet solution that can deliver you a cost effective, dynamic and beautiful intranet in a matter of weeks. Completely responsive, Injio allows mobile access on the go. Choose one of our professionally designed templates or use your own branding. However you want it to look, we can make it happen. Still using Classic SharePoint? No problem we can do that too.

Why migrate to a SharePoint Modern Intranet?

Whether you are attempting to solve your intranet challenges or starting again to design a new employee intranet platform, consider these ten keys to intranet success:

Microsoft needed to modernise SharePoint using up-to-date web technologies to stay relevant, function well on mobile devices and compete with cloud services such as Dropbox and Slack that were easier to use, received continuous updates, and were ready for the mobile era. Enter SharePoint Modern. SharePoint Modern has been around since 2016 so it’s not exactly new, but like any significant update on an old standard, the first releases had limitations.

Microsoft have been steadily releasing new web parts and addressing user feedback so for most organisations, the good of the Modern Experience outweighs the bad by a large margin. The main advantages of SharePoint Modern are mobile compatibility and the ease of creating visually appealing pages, but there are many other reasons we build the Injio SharePoint Intranet on the Modern Framework:

Great UX

Classic SharePoint OOTB is known for its daggy design. Modern is slick and clean.

SharePoint Modern intranets present a beautiful user interface with responsive pages that look great on any device. Easily tap into Microsoft’s Image Gallery of stock images. No more side scroll bars, slow loading times, or accidentally clicking the wrong link from tiny text.

People will love the rich multimedia content, intuitive navigation and easy-to-use design.

Faster and More Stable

In Classic SharePoint, most of the page is created on the server and the whole layout of every page must be sent over the network. In Modern SharePoint, most of the page is created in the web browser and only the content needs to be retrieved from SharePoint servers.

This results in much faster page load times and a better experience for the user.

Secure and Backed by Groups

SharePoint Modern integrates Microsoft 365 Groups, which means you don’t have to assign permissions to staff for specific resources; adding them as Group members grants them the required permissions across M365, not just SharePoint.

Classic SharePoint sites have a security loophole, allowing potential hackers to add arbitrary scripts to the pages. Modern sites have the scripting capabilities disabled.

Integrate your apps

The average employee uses 10 different applications every day with 68% expecting that number to rise.

Injio Modern pulls content from Office 365, delivering a Digital Workplace that functions as a powerful centralised hub. Access Microsoft Teams, SharePoint documents, Planner tasks and shared calendars without switching screens for greater productivity.

List and Library improvements

Moving a file in classic SharePoint is very difficult and the Modern List and Library interface is much easier to use. Modern Libraries allow dragging and dropping files plus easier filtering, formatting and the ability to add, reorder, resize, sort, filter and group columns.

SharePoint’s workflows are being replaced with PowerAutomate which can interface with different cloud services, not just SharePoint.

Microsoft Road Map

While there isn’t a hard date for SharePoint Classic retirement, Microsoft are no longer investing in new capabilities and the time will come when it is no longer viable to support.

Any work you put into a Classic site has an expiry date. If you are considering any significant content updates, structural changes or functionality enhancements, it makes sense to do it the Modern way.

Injio Modern Digital Workplace

The Injio Modern Digital Workplace has been developed using the SharePoint Modern
Framework (SPFx) to deliver an even more powerful intranet solution.

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