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Many company intranets deliver a poor digital employee experience, costing millions in lost productivity and staff turnover. This free guide will help design and deliver an engaging employee portal that builds culture and boosts productivity:

  • Effective communication
  • Social connection, leadership and transparency
  • Knowledge management & resource hub
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Idea sharing and innovation
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10 keys for better productivity, communication & engagement

This comprehensive guide provides expert advice for intranet planning and troubleshooting

Only 13% of employees report participating in their intranet
daily — 31% said they never do.*


10 keys to intranet success

Whether you are attempting to solve your intranet challenges or starting again to design a new employee intranet platform, consider these ten keys to intranet success:

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Executive Support

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Trustworthy Information

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Design & Usability

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Mobile Experience

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M365 Integration

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Is your intranet causing more problems than it is solving?

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As more organisations make the shift to a hybrid or fully distributed working model, the intranet has never been so essential. Unfortunately the reality is that while most intranets are designed and launched with the best of intentions, many fail. Adding bells and whistles might create interest but nothing can replace good communication, planning, ownership, training, maintenance and user-centric functionality.


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