Need a new intranet? Never before has the need for a secure, accessible platform to support remote work been so clear - it’s time to create an intranet business case.

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This guide delivers a straightforward, 5-step process to create and present a compelling intranet business case that:

  • Highlights the need for change
  • Addresses the right priorities
  • Presents ROI clearly and convincingly
  • Brings your solution to life
  • Avoids common pitfalls

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Intranet business case

5 Steps to a Winning Intranet Business Case

To win approval for a beautiful new intranet, you will need to present your case clearly and convincingly.

  1. Know your audience. What do they care about? Which pressures do they face? What do they need to see?
  2. Conduct a rigorous cost/benefit analysis. Consider alternatives – is an intranet definitely the answer?
  3. Research intranet solutions – what is out there? How much does it cost? Are there existing technical or platform requirements to work with?
  4. Intranet project planning – How long will this thing take? What will it look like? What are the major milestones? Who needs to be involved?
  5. The presentation – you have done all the work, don’t lose them in the delivery! How to get your message across effectively and head off objections like a pro.

Your organisation deserves a quality intranet platform

Injio is a ready built and highly customisable Digital Workplace, built on SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

It’s fast to deploy, packed with functionality and configured for your users. It’s mobile responsive and dynamic, accessible anywhere from any device.

Injio supports remote work, incorporating apps such as Teams and Planner and facilitating clear, targeted communications that cut through.


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