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Boost productivity and engagement with the feature-rich Injio Sharepoint intranet.

Transform your organisation with Injio SharePoint intranet accelerator. With powerful M365 integrations, intuitive UX and targeted communications, Injio delivers a beautiful, powerful intranet – fast.

Injio is designed, built and managed by WebVine, your friendly Australian SharePoint experts.

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Expert Guidance
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Australian Team
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Injio SharePoint Intranet Features

Create a personalised, feature-rich intranet platform in weeks. Connect teams, share information, and drive business outcomes.

Access via Teams

Presents seamlessly within Teams + a channel for internal communications.

Relevant Communications

Sophisticated targeting by job role, location or department.

Knowledge Hub

Single source of truth for policies, documents and templates: wiki-style, search-based or visual.

Social Engagement

Likes, comments and shares, employee recognition, social feeds and photo galleries.


An intuitive experience via personalised navigation + user-defined quick links.

Digital Assistant

Surface information and complete processes efficiently with a simple AI chat interface.

Trusted by organisations across the globe

Trusted by organisations across the globe

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10 Keys to a High Performing Intranet

Transforming with a Microsoft SharePoint Intranet

A SharePoint intranet delivers numerous benefits to almost any organisation, streamlining operations, surfacing the right information, building culture and supporting hybrid work. Here are eight ways a SharePoint intranet can make your work life easier – and a bit more fun.

1. Centralised Document Management

Most businesses grapple with document chaos, scattered files, and version control challenges. SharePoint serves as a centralised hub for document management, facilitating file organisation, version tracking, and maintaining a transparent audit trail.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

SharePoint’s collaborative tools empower teams to work seamlessly, breaking down barriers and encouraging real-time collaboration through shared calendars, task lists, and document co-authoring capabilities.

3. Fully Customisable

SharePoint supports a personalised intranet that aligns with your unique needs. By designing a user-friendly interface, selecting relevant features and reflecting brand identity, you can enhance user experience and integrate the intranet seamlessly into daily operations.


4. Effective Communication

SharePoint’s communication features like newsfeeds, announcements and discussion boards bridge the gap between remote and hybrid employees, fostering a virtual space for idea exchange. This sense of community ensures everyone stays informed and engaged, regardless of their physical location.

5. Security

SharePoint leverages Microsoft’s robust security including user authentication, access controls and encryption to protect confidential information. By defining access levels, tracking document history, and implementing tailored security protocols, businesses can reassure clients and safeguard their data.

6. M365 Integration

SharePoint’s seamless integration with the Microsoft 365 suite allows for cohesive document creation in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint that seamlessly integrates with the intranet through Teams. This streamlined process reduces downtime and boosts overall productivity.

7. Automated Workflows

Manual processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. SharePoint’s automated workflows and Power Platform integrations streamline tasks like document approvals, HR requests and task assignments. Automation minimises errors, saves time, and frees up resources for strategic initiatives.

8. Employee Engagement

A strong company culture boosts employee satisfaction and productivity. A SharePoint intranet acts as a digital hub where employees connect, share achievements, and engage with the organisation and each other. Features like employee recognition programs contribute to a positive work environment that nurtures loyalty and engagement.

A Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet empowers small businesses to revolutionise document management, collaboration efforts, and company culture. By leveraging SharePoint, your organisation can streamline operations and achieve greater success.