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SharePoint Intranets: Back in Vogue

We have all watched with mounting terror as things we never thought we‘d see again (mullets, bucket hats, bum bags, chunky headbands…) are welcomed back
ai content generation

ChatGPT: the new way to create intranet content?

AI Chat or ChatGPT is the hottest thing to hit the world wide web since it was released on November 30, 2022. Enter a sentence
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2022… A Year That Tested Digital Workplaces

Let’s take a collective breath and acknowledge making it to the end of another year marked by instability and uncertainty. From rising energy prices to

Will Microsoft Viva Replace the SharePoint Intranet?

IT leaders are under pressure to streamline resources and deliver services to the business with minimum cost and complexity. Leveraging Microsoft Viva to deliver all

The Plain Language Mandate: Communicating for Clarity

For those who communicate for a living, creating a gloriously complex sentence full of large words can be immensely satisfying. But is your audience impressed
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Don’t Delay Your New Intranet Because Of Change

Intranet projects are often either delayed or derailed by impending changes be they structural, environmental or personnel. As a vendor this can be frustrating, but
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SharePoint Intranet Examples 2022

Intranet design impacts usability, trust and adoption, and can be the difference between a lively digital hub and a lonely, unloved platform. It’s a difficult
internal comms intranet hacks

Internal Communications Intranet Hacks: outsource your intranet content

Among the hundreds of things internal communications and HR managers have to get done each day, producing content for the staff intranet can get pushed
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10 Reasons No One is Using Your Intranet

“Only 13% of employees report participating in their intranet daily — 31% said they never do.” When you are responsible for the success of your
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Is SharePoint OOTB Enough for an Intranet?

SharePoint Modern allows the creation of attractive, mobile-optimised pages for internal communications, department information and project teams. Communication and hub sites are easy to spin
Happy and connected hybrid employees

Cultivating Happy & Connected Hybrid Work Teams

Many organisations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic had to shift their workforce to remote work. With employees gaining a taste for more flexible working
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Transitioning to Hybrid – How Your Intranet Can Help

As vaccination targets are met, organisations are looking to welcome employees back to the office while still embracing the positive changes that the last 12
remote working

What remote work means for organisations

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a discussion between two organisations (Active Super & John Holland) on why human connection matters and how they’re
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8 Cringe-Free Remote Team Building Activities

Team leaders, internal communicators and HR professionals have had a tough gig lately. We need to build culture and shared experience, but the usual ingredients
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Calculating The Value of Your Intranet

It’s not easy to place a dollar value on a staff intranet. There are so many intangible benefits like improved engagement through events and social updates, targeted communications helping everyone feel informed, better transparency
Investing in Social Capital

Human Connection and Remote Work

With many people working from home at least some of the time, interactions that had previously happened naturally in the office are becoming rarer. Chatting
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Microsoft 365 Integrations for Your Intranet

If a SharePoint intranet is currently part of your digital workplace, or if you’re looking to implement one in your organisation, it’s important that you
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8 ways to give your intranet a boost this EOFY

  A new financial year is the perfect time to take stock of what you have achieved in the last twelve months and position yourself
Policy hub

Protecting your organisation – and your team – in the hybrid workplace

  Mandatory training in meeting room 1! Those were the days, when all we had to do was herd everyone into the room and ensure
Injio SharePoint Intranet on device

Top Five Intranet Trends for 2021

After what was a year of much uncertainty and instability, the start of 2021 gives us a chance to reset and focus on the areas
Teams vs SharePoint

Microsoft Teams: the end of the SharePoint intranet?

Microsoft Teams made quite a splash in 2020 as many organisations turn to remote and hybrid work. According to Microsoft the planet is now clocking
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Say Goodbye to Teams Sprawl

So your organisation is using Microsoft Teams? Or maybe you’re in the process of transitioning to this market leading workplace application. It’s all smooth sailing
remote onboarding

Onboarding your new team member… remotely

Welcome to the team! Please stay away. After the arduous journey of securing budget, advertising, interviewing and hiring a new employee, the last thing you
quick workplace digital wins

Quick Wins: Digital transformation ideas to implement now

There has never been a better time to digitise processes and remove manual intervention, boosting productivity and making life easier for users. If you’re planning
Teams remote work hack

Teams & SharePoint: 7 Hacks for Remote Working

While many of us are still working remotely, we are reliant on our technology for access, communication and generally getting stuff done. Two stars have
making an impact in a virtual meeting

Making an impact in an online world

Many organisations are now transitioning back to the office, but the way we do business has changed forever. Teams, Zoom, Blue Jeans… whatever your chosen
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Smarter, Happier & More Connected with your Digital Workplace

Most of us have got the hang of Teams meetings and settled in to the “new normal” of working from home. However remote working studies
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Three quick tips for your Digital Workplace

In times of crisis, organisations need to be resilient, act swiftly and practically to enable their teams to effectively work remotely and to maintain connectedness.
Microsoft Teams mobile application

Six Useful Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks

If your organisation is already using Microsoft Teams, then you would understand why this application has fast become the leading chat-based workspace. Teams offers a
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Innovation is nothing to laugh at

Legendary chemist and inventor Humphry Davy published a substantial memoir in 1800. It was on the chemistry, physiology, and recreational use of nitrous oxide...otherwise known