Key Intranet Trends for 2024

Jan 8, 2024

Remember the days when intranets were dusty digital bulletin boards, a neglected corner in your organisation? Those days are gone. In today’s hybrid and remote work landscape, the intranet is the beating heart of the digital workplace, fostering connection, knowledge sharing, and collaboration like never before.

As we look towards 2024, the evolution of the intranet continues. Gone are the one-size-fits-all platforms; instead, we’re witnessing the rise of personalised, intelligent, and integrated hubs that empower employees and boost productivity across the board. Let’s dive into five key trends defining intranets for the year ahead:

1. Generative AI – Microsoft Copilot Takes the Wheel:

Picture this: you need to update company policies, but writing legal text isn’t your forte. Enter Microsoft Copilot – a game-changing generative AI tool built right into Microsoft 365. Copilot can help you draft emails, create presentations, and even write policies like a seasoned professional. Imagine the timesaving potential! Not only does Copilot streamline content creation, but it can also ensure consistent brand voice and adherence to guidelines. In the intranet of tomorrow, AI will act as your virtual assistant, helping you communicate effectively and focus on higher-level tasks.

2. Microsoft Viva – Your Intranet on Steroids:

Forget clunky, siloed tools – Microsoft Viva is here to unify your internal communications under one umbrella. This suite can integrate seamlessly with an existing SharePoint intranet, weaving in elements like employee profiles, learning modules, and community groups. It’s like LinkedIn meets your intranet, creating a thriving social environment where employees can connect, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Viva fosters a sense of belonging and breaks down departmental barriers, leading to a more engaged and connected workforce.

3. Process Automation – Say Goodbye to Tedious Tasks:

Repetitive tasks, data entry, and manual approvals drag down employee morale and productivity. Imagine saying goodbye to these time-consuming chores! Intranets will embrace process automation like never before. Smart business process automation can handle basic tasks like submitting expense reports, requesting leave, and updating employee information. This will free up teams to focus on strategic initiatives and creative projects, boosting overall efficiency and employee satisfaction. Learn more about transforming business processes for the modern workplace.

4. Hyper Personalisation – Your Intranet, Your Way:

One size doesn’t fit all – this mantra rings true especially for intranets. Personalisation will continue to be a priority, delivering an enhanced employee experience. AI-powered algorithms will soon be able to learn individual preferences, interests, and work styles. This can then translate to dynamically curated content feeds, customised dashboards, and targeted recommendations that cater to your specific needs. No more wading through irrelevant information; your intranet will become a personalised portal to the content and resources you need, when you need them.

5. Seamless Integration – The Walls Come Down:

Your intranet shouldn’t be an island unto itself. In 2024, we’ll see deeper integration with popular tools like Microsoft Teams, Planner, and other third-party applications. Imagine accessing project documents within your intranet, initiating a Teams call directly from the staff directory, or collaborating on a presentation without switching platforms. This seamless integration streamlines workflows, reduces context switching, and breaks down information silos, making your intranet truly cohesive and collaborative.

More Powerful Intranets Than Ever Before

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg. As 2024 unfolds, we can expect even more exciting innovations. Intranets will cultivate an environment where AI drives human potential, collaboration thrives across hybrid spaces, and information flows freely within a personalised, integrated digital melting pot. By embracing these trends and investing in your intranet, you can build a vibrant hub that attracts, engages, and empowers your workforce, laying the foundation for a more connected, productive, and successful future.

So, are you ready to unlock the full potential of your intranet and step into the future of the digital workplace? Get in touch to learn more about the Injio Intranet and the innovation it offers.

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