Intranet for Knowledge Management

Locating, accessing and sharing documents is central to employee success.

From front line staff locating onsite details or client procedures to knowledge workers accessing contract templates or approved marketing materials, fast, easy access to documents equals productivity.

Conversely, being unable to find correct documents or mistakenly using old or incorrect versions results in inefficient document recreation at best, and expensive errors at worst.

83% of employees recreate missing documents.

SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint is essentially a flexible, scalable online file management system, with additional functionality and benefits including effective communication and employee engagement.

For this reason, as well as the fact that most organisations already have it with their Microsoft 365 subscription, SharePoint is an extremely popular intranet platform where the central pillars of the digital workplace are knowledge management, collaboration and document creation & sharing.

Document success with Injio SharePoint Intranet

Document Success with Injio

Injio is a ready-built SharePoint intranet with superior document management functionality. It has been designed to enable users of all abilities to quickly locate and interact with the documents and resources they need to be successful in their roles.

The WebVine team – designers of Injio – are SharePoint document management experts and we will work closely with your stakeholders to ensure that your information architecture is optimised to support business outcomes.

Document Hub

Injio’s document hub can be configured according to your needs to present files logically and clearly.

Knowledge Sharing

Every organisation has a unique set of information that promotes communication, productivity and harmony. Some of this information may be on your website, some on sticky notes, some residing in people’s heads.

Your intranet should be the one stop shop for trustworthy material that helps people get things done in the right way, such as:

  1. FAQs
  2. Wikis
  3. How-to’s
  4. Branding materials
  5. Acronym dictionary
  6. Approved vendor database

Policies and Procedures

Clear, easy to follow policies and procedures are an essential element for business success but not much help if no one can find them. Hard to find policies waste HR time and frustrate employees, as well as risking legal issues if employees are not adequately informed.

Whether managing business growth, mergers & acquisitions or simply looking for greater productivity and employee effectiveness, Injio’s policies and procedures module ensures staff feel confident they can locate and access a single source of truth for policies and procedures from any device, any time.

Intranet Search

Out of the box, SharePoint search is adequate, but with Injio you have a more configurable and flexible interface with granular refinement options and a seamless user experience.

  • Search verticals use metadata to identify document types including forms, templates, documents or policies.
  • Refiners narrow down search results by author, topic, date or other document criteria as required
  • Document previews help identify the right file quickly without opening.
Injio Document Hub

Digital Assistant

“Where is the Training request form?”

“What’s on the café menu today?”

“How much parental leave can I have?”

No modern digital platform is complete without an artificial intelligence interface, and Injio leverages the power of Azure AI services to support a natural language bot interface for users to search for information and complete tasks simply and easily.

Injio SharePoint Intranet Digital Assistant

Document Attestation

For organisations that experience regular changes in compliance requirements, have high staff turnover or need to update systems frequently, staying on top of staff onboarding, training and policy review can be a significant overhead.

Injio’s policy attestation presents staff with resources to be reviewed and records their acknowledgement, with optional reminders for non-responders. It’s a one-stop-shop for attestation that makes life easier for employees and people managers alike.

Injio SharePoint Intranet Document Attestation


7 Rules for Effective SharePoint Document Management Report

Empower employees with an Injio intranet

The demand for accurate, trustworthy information to support a competitive organisation will continue to accelerate.

Intranets are crucial for managing knowledge, supporting communication, teamwork, and information sharing. Choosing the right intranet will determine whether your organisation is positioned for long-term success.