Intranet Communication Features

An effective intranet platform provides a unified communication channel to inform, engage and connect employees with the organisation’s purpose and values.

Injio intranet has a comprehensive suite of communication tools to both deliver effective internal communications and encourage peer to peer interaction. As part of your digital workplace, Injio empowers the communications team to share knowledge, build culture, support decision making and drive success.

“It’s never been more important for employers to meet employees where they are with critical information personalised to them so they feel informed, supported and connected.”

Nicole Alvino, co-founder, SocialChorus

Internal Communication Challenges

“91% of US workers admit that they sometimes delete or discard work-related information without fully reading it.”

– Business Insider
Internal communications can struggle to achieve cut-through, competing with the constant flow of information people need to absorb to do their jobs. Email is often an overused channel, and messages via chat apps like Teams or Slack can get lost very quickly.

A unified communications hub

An intranet can support effective internal communications by ensuring that messaging is fresh, relevant and visible – a single channel of fresh, interesting information exposed to users as they do their work.

Injio offers internal communicators several easy-to-use options, delivering engaging, interactive communications through a range of modules.

Injio SharePoint Intranet


Create articles quickly and publish to clean, modern SharePoint pages in minutes, with imagery, calendars, video, data visualisations or other web parts. Option to create content approval & publish workflows to manage content efficiently.


Is the Auckland office closed? Are timesheets due today? Should we register for the free flu vaccine? Topical, short updates presented concisely on the home page, with the option to click for more detail. Announcements can presented in multiple formats according to your branding and homepage priorities.

News ticker

Keep your home page fresh & informative with scrolling micro-messages that can be created and uploaded in an instant. Click for more detail or link off to news articles or intranet pages.

Quick-send Update Email

For a regular email newsletter in a flash, simply select the news articles you wish to feature and hit “Send”. The fastest, easiest staff update on the market.

Approval & Publishing Workflows

We use Power Automate to create content submission, approval and publishing flows, ensuring your valuable content is reviewed and shared, and does not get lost or delayed.

Example of Injio SharePoint Intranet Announcement

Intranet Content Targeting

Presenting irrelevant information to users makes them work harder to find the right content, and will impact intranet adoption and usage over time.

Injio Intranet has sophisticated, granular targeting options, delivering messages to users based on individual or a combination of their characteristics such as role, location or business unit.

The following modules can be tailored according to user criteria:

  • Mega menu
  • Home page link cluster
  • “Magic” App links
  • News articles
  • Announcements
  • Document attestation


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Intranet Content and Adoption

There are many factors that impact intranet adoption but content is one of the most influential. Fresh, relevant content – in combination with essential resources, a trustworthy, comprehensive knowledge base and useful forms & processes for self-service – creates an attractive digital destination that users will consider an integral part of their workday.

Creating successful intranet content requires creativity and inspiration along with a few rules:

  1. Clarity is paramount. Ensure your content is concise and easily digestible, employing straightforward language to convey complex information. This helps employees quickly grasp key messages and fosters a positive user experience.
  2. Relevance is key to maintaining interest. Tailor your content to address the specific needs and interests of your internal audience. Regularly update information to keep it current, providing valuable and timely insights that resonate with employees.
  3. Interactivity enhances engagement. Foster a sense of community by incorporating intranet features such as forums, polls, and comment sections. Encourage employees to share their thoughts and experiences, promoting a collaborative and inclusive environment.
  4. Aesthetics matter. A visually appealing intranet design can significantly enhance the user experience. Use consistent branding, clear layouts, and multimedia elements to make your content visually appealing and easy to navigate.

By prioritising your users’ needs and leveraging the superior publishing power of Injio, you’ll create an intranet that not only disseminates information effectively but also fosters a positive and engaging internal communications platform for your organisation.