With more of us working remotely, a Digital Workplace platform that allows workers to access information, to communicate, innovate and collaborate is central to organisational success.

Whether your existing intranet needs a face lift, or you are planning to build a brand new platform to boost employee experience, there are nine essentials that can be the difference between success and failure.

Digital Workplace Intranet Planning Guide

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Only 16% of respondents say their organisations' digital
transformations have successfully improved performance...
An additional 7% say that performance improved but that
those improvements were not sustained.


Have you been tasked with planning and delivering a successful Digital Workplace? Don’t build an irrelevant, unloved intranet that falls into disuse soon after launch. Ensure your Digital Workplace delivers real outcomes by focusing on these essentials:

Executive Support

Communication icon

Effective Communication

Information Architecture

Usability & Design

Search strategy icon

Search Strategy

Document Management

Social technology


User Adoption

Digital Workplace Intranet Planning Guide

We are Digital Workplace experts with more than 15 years global experience across multiple industries. This guide will give you the information you need to start planning an effective, engaging digital workplace that supports remote work, drives productivity, builds culture and facilitates effective communication.