Organisations are undertaking Digital Transformation to:

Remove the daily grind

Productivity – get stuff done

Attract top talent

Respond to industry changes

Collaboration – work with ease

Make decisions more efficiently

There’s a reason that Digital Transformation within organisations is so difficult and that is because it is not sufficiently connected to people’s day-to-day work. Providing new tools and some training doesn’t cut it, people still resist change.

But what if you could:

  • make it easier for your people to accomplish some of the daily tasks that matter to them
  • make those tasks simpler and faster
  • rely less on training and change management
  • generate far fewer complaints.

Take a strategic approach to Digital Transformation and the results will be felt all through the organisation – from staff in the trenches to executives and the board.

10 keys to transform your

intranet into a Digital Workplace

Most information workers are expelling incredible amounts of energy to deliver their day-to-day work, working furiously over email and a share drive – technologies we have been using since the mid-1990's. If we still used the same phones from 1997, we would all be enjoying a fun game of Snake on our Nokia 6110s before getting out our Filofax to check the meeting location, then leafing through a street directory to find the address.

Competitive organisations empower their people to connect and collaborate, and ensure mandatory work processes take the minimum amount of time and effort to create space for innovation and creativity. A Digital Workplace can leverage the power and knowledge of employees and the provide a platform to foster a collaborative culture.

A Digital Workplace is the logical platform to drive productivity, facilitate collaboration and deliver the right information to the right people.

Digital Transformation with an Injio Digital Workplace

A ready-built Digital Workplace
to power your transformation

WebVine will work with you to identify opportunities for Digital Transformation throughout your organisation using a clear framework to measure their impact and assess which problems offer the most potential for progress.
We can then deliver a fully functional Digital Workplace solution.
Injio is a cost-effective, dynamic and beautiful intranet that can be delivered in a matter of weeks. Completely responsive, Injio allows mobile access on the go. Choose one of our professionally designed templates or use your own branding. However you want it to look, we can make it happen.
Microsoft SharePoint

On Premise or in the Cloud

Runs on:
Microsoft SharePoint
SharePoint on premise 2013
SharePoint on premise 2016
Office 365 SharePoint online
Nothing stored on our environment, it’s all yours.
SharePoint intranet project

Proven Delivery Framework

We take the time to understand
your goals and work with you to
find the right solution.
Our 5-step framework will have
you up and running before you
know it.
Ongoing SharePoint development

Dynamic and Future Proof

With new modules continually
being developed, your Injio intranet
will stay up to date,
helping you leverage Office 365. No
need to relaunch in 3 years time!

Your success is our success

Injio has delivered business benefits for some leading organisations:

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