Three quick tips for your Digital Workplace

Apr 9, 2020

In times of crisis, organisations need to be resilient, act swiftly and practically to enable their teams to effectively work remotely and to maintain connectedness. Never has it been more important for organisations to cultivate a Digital Workplace that instills trust and unifies communication and collaboration.

Whether your organisation has existing systems and infrastructure in place, here are some ideas for how you can use a Digital Workplace to make a significant difference to keep people informed and supported through this period of instability.

1. COVID-19 Central

You might have published some great remote work tips or updates to policies, but can people find them easily?

Consider creating one page or a collection of pages, where users can view all the relevant organisational communications relating to COVID-19, accessed via a large banner on the intranet home page.

              Direct staff to useful information using a high visibility banner.

2. News

Any priority news can be pinned to the top of the news feed and announcements targeted to certain locations and audiences.

The Injio news ticker can be deployed to your intranet quickly to highlight and link through to timely announcements, keeping staff informed.

Need to make an urgent announcement? No worries. Help staff to keep their finger on the pulse.

3. Multimedia

Many people will more readily consume information through video, so try to create (or curate) some content for your Injio Video Gallery.

A video with quick tips about hygiene or how to set up a workstation at home – or a reassuring message from the CEO – could be embedded on the home page.

Say goodbye to boring static content. Use video to drive staff engagement.

There’s a lot to deal with and we are here to help. Our Injio Digital Workplace can be deployed in a matter of weeks and is tailored to the needs of your organisation.Get in touch today to find out how your organisation can maintain a dynamic and innovative workplace that nurtures and supports staff.

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