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May 18, 2020

Most of us have got the hang of Teams meetings and settled in to the “new normal” of working from home. However remote working studies consistently highlight isolation as a significant issue. The valuable organisational culture you’ve been diligently working to develop can begin to erode without conscious effort.

While we can’t go and grab a coffee with our colleagues, it’s a good idea now to introduce some of the more social aspects of the workplace via your Injio intranet.


Pushing out comms won’t always create the buzz you want, it’s often user-generated content that gets people engaged. Some ideas to start your thinking:

  • Funny videos sharing work from home challenges
  • Photo wall “working with pets”
  • Remote coffee dates, team lunches or Skype yoga classes
  • Vote for the best/worst home lunch of the week

Make sure senior staff are commenting and liking team members’ contributions, so people can see it is encouraged and appreciated and that their remote working challenges are empathised with.

Who really does have the cutest pet?


If your organisation has an existing loyalty program to recognise those that go above and beyond, make sure it stays on track.

The Injio Employee Recognition module enables colleagues to acknowledge great work and reinforce your company values when you can’t give a real high five.

Need to make an urgent announcement? No worries. Help staff to keep their finger on the pulse.


What better way to enable staff to engage and connect with your organisation’s brand presence than by giving them easy access to your social channels including Twitter, Facebook and more.

Social tabs can be customised so that staff are only seeing the channels that are active. Never miss a social announcement again. Too easy!

Stay across company posts with integrated social feeds

There’s a lot to deal with and we are here to help. Our Injio Digital Workplace can be deployed in a matter of weeks and is tailored to the needs of your organisation.Get in touch today to find out how your organisation can maintain a dynamic and innovative workplace that nurtures and supports staff.

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