2022… A Year That Tested Digital Workplaces

Dec 19, 2022

Let’s take a collective breath and acknowledge making it to the end of another year marked by instability and uncertainty. From rising energy prices to Covid-19 case numbers, organisations were yet again forced to be flexible and agile in response to external factors.

Hybrid work growing pains

Many organisations looking to entice employees back to the office had to contend with illness, staff shortages, public transport strikes and more. This only further emphasised the need to have the right technology and infrastructure in place to support work from anywhere and at any time. Cue a dynamic, engaging intranet to unite all employees, whether in the office or on the other side of the globe.

For employees that did return to the office, awkward hybrid meetings became all too frequent, and highlighted the need for better technology solutions. Don’t worry, Microsoft is all over this with their commitment to Teams Premium and Microsoft Places, announced at Ignite in October. Watch our Microsoft Ignite wrap up to catch up on this and other announcements that will shape your 2023 IT roadmap.

Transformational change

CIOs continued to play a pivotal role this year, shifting further from technical managers to strategic change leaders. Injio’s founder Chloe Dervin had the pleasure of chatting with BPAY’s former CIO Angela Donohue on how technology continues to be a driving force for change within the organisation.

Ability Options, one of the largest disability and employment service providers in New South Wales and Injio client, shared their Microsoft 365 migration journey, implementing a new Injio intranet with automation flows. While their digital transformation was sparked by important regulatory updates, Ability Options used this opportunity to take a holistic view of the business and make wider improvements. Learn more about this journey in our discussion with Ability Option’s Chief Corporate Service Officer Mark Twomey.

To help combat digital project overload, and trust us, it’s a thing, we caught up with our client, Auckland University of Technology, to give insight into their custom Digital Directions Framework. This framework has been designed to guide and empower departmental stakeholders to progress technology projects.

SharePoint Intranets

With increasingly dispersed workforces, intranets have become an even more integral part of an organisation’s Digital Workplace. Earlier this year, we looked at whether SharePoint’s out of the box solution is enough to be an intranet. The short answer is no. You’re essentially missing out on opportunities for better branding, superior navigation, targeting, personalisation and other more robust features. We even pondered whether Microsoft Viva will replace the SharePoint Intranet? Again, no. It’s just not a comparable substitute. Viva le SharePoint Intranet.

We collated eight SharePoint Intranet Design examples into a report to create inspiration and insight into what’s possible for an intranet interface. Say goodbye to boring and uninspired intranet homepage design and create something that will engage and delight your employees.

Business process automation

Organisations that move away from unproductive and repetitive manual tasks will thrive compared to their competitors. Microsoft 365 provides countless opportunities for the digitisation of processes from onboarding to policy attestation. We’ve translated our knowledge and real-world client experience into a framework to help with your business process transformation.

The Year ahead

We’ve got some incredible new product enhancements planned for Injio on the horizon On top of Injio, we’ve got some exciting new products that we’ll be pushing to market to help bring your Digital Workplace together.

As always, we’re committed to delivering you practical guidance when it comes to Microsoft 365 technology.

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