Ability Options

by | Jun 16, 2021

How Ability Options, an important NFP is supporting front line workers with their new Injio SharePoint intranet.


For 45 years, Ability Options have been supporting people with disability and providing employment services in NSW. Each year, Ability Options assist over 25,000 people from 94 locations, supporting people in the home and in the community. The people delivering these valuable services are predominantly frontline workers, accessing information on the go.


Despite a strong, people-focused culture, Ability Options employees were not using their intranet. The existing platform had not kept pace with the growth of the organisation or been updated regularly. It was difficult to locate up to date information and staff were relying on a shared network drive to store resources such as policies and procedures, limiting sharing and access. This was particularly challenging for frontline workers. Ability Options needed to better support and engage these essential team members to deliver quality services to participants.

A platform was required to provide information in a way that was easily accessible for all staff. The project team were looking to create a single source of truth that would build trust and create a knowledge-sharing culture. The solution also needed to drive productivity by integrating into their new procedure management solution. The solution had to be easily updated and maintained with a sophisticated search function. The interface also needed to be user-friendly and clearly reflect Ability Options’ branding and values.


Having established the goals of the project with a Customer Success planning meeting, we conducted Information Architecture, Document Management and Search Strategy workshops to create the implementation plan for intranet modules, IA, content migration and search experience.

WebVine created an intranet design that would support Ability Options’ strong brand identity and provide credibility for the brand values and key messages.

The Injio intranet accelerator was used to quickly deploy a sophisticated communication and collaboration platform on SharePoint Modern, leveraging the powerful capabilities and security of Microsoft 365.

News, Announcements and Social feeds help to keep team members up to date on the latest organisation and industry developments. The maps feature provides quick, helpful information about accommodation options, disability & employment services as well as office locations.

Ability Options staff can recognise each other for a job well done through their Injio intranet, reinforcing corporate values and providing public acknowledgement for going above and beyond.

Crucially, the Injio intranet also delivers easy access to compliance information and attestation modules through a single sign on interface with Centro ASSIST, a leading provider of online business tools for NDIS service providers.


“ourPlace” is the central hub for Ability Options resources, providing one interface to access up to date information easily. Search filters and improved tagging deliver more relevant results. This both reduces time spent locating required information and helps to build trust in the platform, particularly among those who had avoided using the previous intranet.

People can find each other easily through the Staff Directory and connect via Teams with one click. Content templates assist content creators to deliver communication quickly in a recognisable, digestible format.

Frontline employees can access ourPlace on the go, with mobile responsive pages designed to engage and inform these essential workers.


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