Grace Group

by | Nov 9, 2023

A look at two mobile responsive SharePoint intranets tailored for key Grace Group brands


A legacy of the iconic Grace Bros empire founded in 1885, the Grace Group is recognised internationally as an expert in a broad range of specialty relocation and document storage solutions. The Grace Group manages a portfolio of premium relocation and records management brands including Grace Removals, Grace Information Management, Crown Relocations, Smartbox and Move Dynamics.

The Grace Group maintains a strong customer service excellence culture with more than 50 branches across Australia and New Zealand.

“Customer first in everything we do.”

The Business Goal

Grace needed to develop a new digital workplace on the Microsoft 365 platform to increase employee engagement through strong culture, enhance their knowledge management and deliver productive uplift.

With a workforce of 900 employees, 350 of whom are front line field and support staff, Grace needed a centralised one-stop shop for internal communications, delivering targeted, relevant messaging as well as key organisation information. Mobile access was a key requirement to consume news, updates and relevant job-related resources on the go.

The Grace SharePoint structure consisted of several ad-hoc site collections used for document storage, specific projects, templates, policies and procedures. Grace had problems with search and surfacing of documents with minimal governance around document version control or naming conventions. Grace was also looking to retire its incident management and compliance platform as it was costly, out-dated, and poorly integrated with SharePoint.

How We Helped

Our Injio project team worked closely with the Grace Executive Committee as well as other key stakeholders to understand their concerns and opportunities for improvement. This information was then used to detail requirements for a new SharePoint platform to drive engagement, connecting and empowering a diverse workforce. WebVine created two Injio intranets: Team:Grace and CrownCentral to deliver differentiated content and branding for the different business units. To improve engagement and drive adoption, the intranets leverage Microsoft Active Directory to deliver targeted messaging and navigation features according to user profile. The mobile SharePoint app ensures content is always accessible to the frontline workforce.

Supporting accessibility and improving search outcomes were achieved through a single sign on integration with their document management system ELO. Synchronising content in this way provided a single source of truth and improved ease of access via mobile devices.

Business Outcomes

The two new Grace employee hubs Team:Grace and CrownCentral deliver a unified, interactive communication channel, replacing the unsustainable multi-channel approach that was previously in place. Easy to use content publishing incorporating video, imagery and social media, combined with audience targeting and distribution options ensure that Grace staff are updated with the latest company announcements and news.

The new marketing hub allows Grace staff to access approved marketing materials from across the organisation according to brand and business unit. This structure makes some single documents available to multiple businesses – addressing potential versioning issues. Frontline staff are engaged and informed, with the ability to access important resources as well as liking and commenting on photos, videos and articles.

The home page employee spotlight celebrates new starters, birthdays and promotions with peer-to -peer reactions and messaging building connection. Also on the front page, an ideas submission module is driving innovation from across the organisation.


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