Why is everyone choosing an intranet in a box?

On average, it took 17 months to create the winning intranets of last year’s Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Annual report. In that timespan: • A Humpback whale could migrate 19,622km • An average runner could complete 2,852 marathons • 32 generations of butterfly lived and died • 22 Ferraris were manufactured • There was time[…]

How to create a No-Fail plan for your SharePoint or Office 365 implementation

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as having said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.” It turns out this quote originated many years after the death of Lincoln, but I believe the sentiment is valid.   Many SharePoint projects that WebVine run are not the first[…]

Managing stakeholders for a successful intranet launch

If you have recently survived an intranet planning meeting, you can appreciate the difficulties faced by our international peacekeepers, trying to achieve harmony when each party sees different issues, prioritises divergent outcomes and often seem to be speaking another language. The machinations of Rocketman pale in comparison. Managing shifting internal priorities and disagreements between stakeholders[…]

SharePoint can solve your top 5 business problems

Don’t be fooled. The staff intranet can come across as a warm and fuzzy enterprise where nebulous benefits like “staff engagement” are obtained, where photos of charity morning teas and the over-achieving company City to Surf team reside. But Digital Workplaces are serious business, delivering measurable benefits to smart organisations. “Where you enable digital transformation[…]

Build it yourself or get a SharePoint Intranet in a box

Leave it to IT or get a ready to go SharePoint Intranet? Perhaps you are considering a new Intranet, and wondering if you should check out an “intranet in a box” solution, or have your internal team build it instead. Having built numerous intranets from scratch and also implemented our ready to go Intranet Injio[…]