Human Connection and Remote Work


16 ideas to build connection

The last twelve months have seen significant changes in the way we interact at work.

Less often do we pass a colleague in the hall and spontaneously ask about their project, chat in the coffee line or spy something interesting on the printer.

Remote and hybrid working are diminishing those incidental collisions that build culture and drive innovation, eroding what is known as social capital.

 How does this impact the organisation and what can be done?

“Without hallway conversations, chance encounters and small talk over coffee, it’s hard to feel connected to my immediate team, much less build meaningful connections across the company.”

Hannah McConnaughey, Microsoft

Impacts of Social Disconnection

Cultural disconnection – or diminished social capital – is a problem for many reasons:

Isolation and mental
health issues

Negative impacts
on staff retention

Difficulties building trust
= less risk-taking

Lack of

professional networks


Hybrid Work and the Digital Workplace

The digital workplace – including the intranet – has a pivotal role in providing tools that help build social capital across the hybrid workplace. A sophisticated digital workplace with seamless technology and processes can be the ultimate tool to keep employees engaged and connected.

Here are 5 ideas to build connection, trust and culture in your organisation:


Monthly CEO lunches

Sign up to join the CEO and a group of colleagues for lunch and a chat


Employee spotlight

Celebrate new starters, promotions, qualifications and life events


Social assistant bot

A proactive digital assistant to find common ground and suggest connections


The daily pulse

Check in with people about how they are feeling with a simple poll, or make it a fun conversation starter


Ideation platform

An easy online form to suggest a new idea, or like and comment on others.

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