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Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx) is a collaborative partnership of leading research institutes, bringing together universities and biotechnology companies under one virtual roof, researching new drugs to treat cancers and bringing them to market. With this collaborative model, it is imperative that researchers can communicate easily and effectively.
The Business Problem

Cancer CRC’s government funding will cease in 2020 and to find efficiencies to continue their valuable research, management and operations went under the microscope. With scientists working in different organisations across various locations, collaboration could be difficult and time-consuming, taking focus away from their research.

“Our initial goal was to help people communicate with each other… Even if you know that you want person X on your project, it might not be easy if they work for a different organisation. You may not have contact details and you might have to go through several people to get to them.”

Rhiannon Jones - Manager, Operations at Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx)

How we helped

Within 6 weeks, WebVine designed and implemented a solution to help CRC researchers work together. The CRC-branded Injio digital workplace solution brings individuals from the various disciplines together with clear and intuitive user functions. The intranet platform addresses CRC’s needs by not only delivering the ability to find each other, share documents and communicate more easily but by providing a project discussion platform and central calendar to facilitate dialogue among the scientists.

”We chose Injio because wanted a simple solution, we didn't have the funds for a start from scratch build and we had some pretty tight deadlines. We've definitely got the solution that we were after… it's even better than we had hoped.”

Rhiannon Jones - Manager, Operations at Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx)

Business Outcomes

CRC are creating a culture where people feel more empowered to fulfil their mission. Researchers can locate and contact one another easily to discuss projects, share findings or just catch up and stay up to date on industry developments. Reduced roadblocks enable more focused work and greater collaboration, leading to innovation benefiting the CRC mission and the community at large.Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx) has recently been awarded the Australian CRC Association’s (CRCA) Award for Excellence in Innovation.


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