Cerebral Palsy Alliance

by | Nov 9, 2016

How this major not for profit transformed thousands of unorganised pages into a cohesive SharePoint intranet for productive, connected teams.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is an organisation that provides family-centred therapies, life skills programs, equipment and support for people living with cerebral palsy and their families.CPA operates from 55 sites throughout metropolitan, regional and rural NSW and the ACT. There are approximately 1500 people across the organization including accommodation support and therapy support centers.


CPA have grown organically over the years and have had roughly four intranet platforms that had never been fully archived or removed. They had and old Squiz Matrix environment that was connecting in and using Confluence as a wiki and blogging tool. In addition, they were using an old original PHP wiki based framework as well as Jira, which was used for some problems and contact center management.“It was a hodge podge of technology that needed to be cleaned up”.

CPA had issues with single sign on, searching, and their documentation was not stored in a manner that was easily searchable by staff.

“We have a lot of workers who are onsite in people’s homes, or in our accommodation, or in our offices, and they need access to information in real time. One of the biggest issues we have had in the past is that our intranet has not been available or has not been responsive on a mobile phone. Making that available at people’s fingertips with single sign on, enhanced search and the additional bells and whistles we have loaded, is a significant benefit to all staff.”


WebVine were invited to present an intranet solution using SharePoint Online as a result of past work completed with CPA around moving to Office 365. Nick Culpitt is the Web & Digital Manager at CPA and is responsible for managing intranet platforms.

“Due to this existing work completed by WebVine, we were keen for them to present as some of our colleagues had only good things to say about them.”

“There was a lot of energy in the presentation and they really wanted to help us. The demo of the product and the out of the box solution was pretty phenomenal. About 80% of what we needed was out of the box so we thought let’s go down that route, and we can tailor the remaining 20%. This was a much better option than doing everything from scratch.”

“WebVine were very cooperative. The skill that Marcus brings to the table around his ability to look at a problem and help us find a solution is fantastic. Working with Ares has been a breath of fresh air. He is able to rapidly find a fix to our problems helping me with support on some of the more technical issues we have had with active directory, and working with our IT and support team. To get that done has been a very collaborative, supportive approach”.


“WebVine really helped by simplifying the problem for us. When we looked at all the needs and documentation libraries and structure information – SharePoint was the logical choice”.“We have gone down the route of using a single site collection for our primary intranet. Our major use of a documentation online system is for our policies and procedures library which has over 9000 documents. Additionally, our policies and forms and everything else which needs to be managed effectively and approved through publishing workflows, are all totally searchable online.”

“The other biggest thing for us was around our people and places and our organizational structure. We have such a fluid workforce. With the disability support workers that come in and support our clients as well as our remote offices throughout NSW and ACT. We really needed a way to show people who the staff were, and with the adoption of Office 365, it allowed us to create a nice visual staff and office directory and the organizational chart is proving very helpful. It’s updated within 24 hours and there is no manual process involved so it’s fantastic!”.

“I’ve showed some of our staff already around the organizational directory and org chart and its been incredibly well received. It’s going to be a fantastic roll out”.

“I would definitely recommend WebVine for anyone who is looking to go down the Office 365 and SharePoint Online route.”

“I definitely look forward to working with WebVine again in the future.”


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