Community Living Australia

by | Feb 9, 2022

How a new Injio intranet helped Community Living Australia keep their fragmented workforce informed and engaged.


Community Living Australia was formed in 2015, when two existing organisations, CLASS and Community Lifestyles, came together with the shared mission to deliver high quality services and provide a strong voice for people with disability to accomplish their life goals. Community Living Australia now supports approximately 500 clients and employs over 500 employees across South Australia.With a passionate and engaged workforce, Community Living Australia is focused on ensuring its clients and people with disability have valued roles in the community, the opportunity to accomplish their goals and the ability to realise their dreams.


Community Living Australia initially implemented SharePoint to provide an intranet environment with modern, stable document management capabilities in 2015.
Over time, with increasing use and changing needs, the platform was becoming an inefficient environment for users and a daily logistical challenge for ICT to manage, with:
• Inconsistent and unmanageable permissions
• Share links failing to work as they should
• A mixture of confidential and non-confidential files in the same environment
• A confusing and disorderly site structure
• Limitations on available features due to the unknown effects if implementedWhen this environment expanded to include Community Living Australia’s 450 Support Workers, a lack of understanding and guidance resulted in a user experience that was time consuming, unreliable and confusing when it comes to basic navigation and searching for documents.
Community Living Australia were looking to streamline their digital environment and deliver an efficient, user-friendly and familiar user experience.


The project kicked off with an extensive workshop series to gain a comprehensive understanding of Community Living Australia’s current systems and processes and what problems they’d like to address. These insights were documented and used to shape the technology solution delivered. Central to this work was identifying the need for a new SharePoint intranet that provides a positive user experience for all employees, including support workers, and that can assist with streamlining document management and help improve efficiencies and reduce frustration.Design has been integral to Community Living Australia’s approach with sections thoughtfully colour coded, images widely used and useful tiles placed across the intranet. Tailored specifically to the needs of Community Living Australia, unique team spaces have been created that bring together everything that a team would need in one place.
To make work life easier, users have been given access to their own Outlook inboxes on their SharePoint intranet homepage and custom ‘Grab and Go packages’ have been created to bundle useful documents together.

Document management has been carefully thought through with a separate ‘Teams Docs’ space created and linked from Community Living Australia’s intranet, giving users access to a simple and integrated one-stop shop for documents.


At the core of any successful project are the team members that drive it. With assistance from the incredibly capable and motivated team at Community Living Australia, the beautifully designed Injio SharePoint Intranet ‘Our Space’ has been launched. ‘Our Space’ is an easily accessible workspace for all Community Living Australia staff, designed to keep employees informed and engaged, while also making their day-to-day work life easier.With interactive polls, Good News Stories, Vlogs, a dedicated Health and Wellbeing area and more, employees have plenty of reasons to return. WebVine continues to work with Community Living Australia on document management initiatives organisation-wide and looks forward to assisting with other areas of transformation.


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