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EMM Consulting is a leading Australian planning and environmental consultancy, advising private and government organisations in environmental assessment and approvals, planning, management and compliance. Over thirteen years in the industry, EMM have built a reputation for integrity, innovation, leadership and professionalism.

The Business Problem
Following a period of rapid growth, it was recognised that a centralised solution was required in order to meet increasing business demands. Information was being stored on a central server and in Teams, with poor searchability, lack of access for mobile working and insufficient controls to align with their ISO accreditation.

With no central hub for collaborative work, a high volume of emails and Teams chats filled the gap. The company’s corporate support teams received multiple requests for help because people could not find what they needed.

With offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra, EMM wanted to better share updates, ideas and opportunities across locations and divisions. Creating a digital workplace which connects people to systems and aligns with organisations processes.

How we helped

Working with EMM through a series of discovery workshops, the project team identified opportunities for improvements in productivity, collaboration and policy governance and approvals. WebVine created a SharePoint Modern intranet to provide a central hub for company news, project updates, system links and resources.

EMM’s purpose-built document hub provides a clear, mobile-accessible interface to access essential resources in a few clicks. The bid resource library provides easy to access information and tools that support the team from positioning through to delivery of their projects . Administration, IT and design requests can be submitted via quick links to MS Planner, ensuring the correct information is provided and requests are tracked and managed.

News and announcements modules reduce email traffic, with separate sections for company news and project highlights. Like and Comment functions promote engagement.

A new homepage feature individually welcomes new starters, with FAQs and featured videos to quickly help them feel included and informed. The social hub shares pictures from company events and photos used in various design elements assist to illustrate the culture of the company. The team can highlight successes and reinforce company values on the homepage “Kudos wall”.

Business Outcomes
EMMconnex is a social portal which connects teams and geographies, providing a platform to share successes and promote collaboration for both remote and office workers.

Instead of saved emails containing links, new starters – and old hands – have a single source of truth for all policies, procedures and marketing materials. Information can be accessed in a few clicks, saving time and reducing frustration.

Staff members can find each other easily and connect via Teams with one click. It’s early days but in time, EMMconnex is expected to increase cross-department collaboratiorn, learning and innovation with enhanced teamwork and engagement.

Most importantly, the EMM team love their new intranet:

“Personally I love EMMConnex! Previously I would spend hours searching for documents in the multitude of folders we have. It is also one central spot to access the other EMM systems and keeps me tuned in to what everyone else is doing in EMM. Very convenient and efficient.”

Kirsten Vine, Senior Ecologist

“The introduction of our intranet has been a game changer for us. The site provides a central and up-to-date location for company resources, from our policies and procedures, to our staff directory, document templates, and company news. It is easy to navigate, and provides a fantastic platform for communication to all staff across our business.”

Nicole Armit, Director

“The WebVine team operated as an extension of our EMM project team. From the outset, they focused on understanding our business to ensure they could provide meaningful support beyond just a technical solution. Thank you for helping us to navigate our digital solution journey, we couldn’t be happier with the experience and the outcome! ”

Tanya Hatchman, Marketing and Communications Leader


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