by | Jan 10, 2018

How Santos launched a beautiful new intranet to provide fast access to essential information and connect teams to senior leadership - in under 6 weeks


Santos is one of the leading independent oil and gas producers in the Asia-Pacific region, supplying the energy needs of homes, businesses and major industries across Australia and Asia.


With over 3,500 employees and contractors across office and field locations in Australia and Indonesia, Santos needed a cohesive central location for internal information, helping staff see important information at a glance, and providing a clear path to detailed project information and education programs. The existing Santos intranet “The Well” had amassed over 1,500 documents and pages, making it difficult to find information and creating a significant IT support burden.

The Well was not accessible via mobile device which meant that field users couldn’t access important information and had to rely on email chains for information.
A simple, mobile, searchable platform was required to provide quick access to policies, procedures and forms as well as share organisational communications and reinforce company values.


WebVine worked with Santos to examine business processes and goals, determining the updates to technology and governance that would have the greatest impact. Together we developed a plan to drive productivity by improving access to information, and build a strong Santos culture through transparency and communication. Using Injio, we were able to deliver a brand new intranet quickly and realise business benefits sooner.

Santos Discover is a mobile-responsive digital workplace with a clean, branded design. It provides a structured interface to locate policies and project information with separate tools to connect to forms and applications. A significant effort was made to reduce time taken finding key information by decreasing the number of pages on the site and ensuring all applications and forms are searchable, helping staff find essential information quickly. Injio features allow users to personalise their experience on this global digital workplace.

Improved governance has decreased IT support costs, with a new framework reducing the number of pages required. Intranet users can instantly feed back to page owners if they find outdated or erroneous information, moving the responsibility for new pages and updates away from IT.

Employee engagement is driven through comments, likes and shares on the latest news and company initiatives and the “CEO Corner” provides a valuable connection with senior management priorities.


Santos Discover will accelerate the Santos growth strategy by improving the way teams work. Automating several key business processes has increased productivity and the intranet is a single source for organisational information including organisation wide communications, policies, training resources and team specific information. The Discover digital workplace engages employees by making them feel informed, receiving more information in a more timely manner, as well as improving culture by giving people greater access to other team members and senior management via social platforms.


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