by | Nov 8, 2021

Sylvanvale needed to keep their fragmented workforce informed and engaged. Team members couldn't find information or contact the right people.


Sylvanvale is a not-for-profit organisation supporting 750 children and adults with disability to have a better quality of life. Comprising 650 staff in over 50 locations across Sydney and the Blue Mountains, the Sylvanvale workforce have diverse technical capabilities and for many, English is their second language.


Sylvanvale had challenges keeping their fragmented workforce informed and engaged. They have a significant number of casual and part time staff, plus night shift workers who often have limited face time with colleagues and management. Team members had difficulties finding information and issues identifying and contacting the right people.

The existing internal communication channels were not performing as satisfactory platforms for connecting and informing staff. They were not achieving cut-through with low open rates and minimal engagement.
Sylvanvale needed a single source of truth with an intuitive interface for team members to find applications, documentation and information, as well as locate and connect with the right people.


The WebVine team saw potential for improvements across several key areas including document management, governance and an intranet platform. WebVine worked with Sylvanvale to identify and prioritise those initiatives with potential for greatest impact.
Using the outcomes of the planning workshops to identify the most beneficial modules, WebVine designed and created a branded SharePoint intranet, housing and publishing all news, communications, staff requests and key documents.

Policies and procedures were migrated from siloed network drives to SharePoint online, enabling accurate search results and addressing versioning issues. This effectively created a single source of truth that could be accessed anywhere, any time and minimised time wasted looking for resources.


The Sylvanvale Inijo intranet portal is a branded, mobile-friendly solution providing frictionless communication to drive engagement and productivity. According to a recent staff survey, 38% of Sylvanvale employees use the intranet every day, with a further 39% using it several times a week. 82% of respondents describe the content as up to date and relevant: “The search function is by far my favourite function on the intranet.”

The intranet acts as a springboard for the Microsoft 365 suite of services, helping those with less technical experience locate and use these applications. The portal also contains integrations with the organisation’s existing third party apps such as TechOne, CMS and Hub Connector, making it truly a one stop shop.

People can use the enhanced staff directory to find and contact each other easily plus a rich, interactive maps feature provides information about office locations. Targeted announcements, a colour coded events calendar and an image gallery highlighting the amazing work that Sylvanvale do create engagement.

The Employee Recognition feature is frequently used to congratulate team members and celebrate their contributions on the home page.


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