Unispace is a global design firm founded in 2010, expanding rapidly to their current structure of over 400 employees across 35 studios in 14 countries. Unispace deliver value to clients with innovative solutions and cross-discipline project management making it essential for their teams to communicate easily and effectively.
The Business Goal
Unispace’s rapid global growth meant that they were focusing on developing relationships with clients and winning work and systems were left behind. Unispace employees did not have access to basic information and were unable to complete everyday tasks such as finding a colleague to ask a question, look up the address of a studio, or share the latest update on a project.
“The challenge that I was having… was clearly identifying where our actual offices are, who our key contacts were in each one of these locations. When I first started, it was almost impossible to find out that information without knowing who to call or who to email.”
- Nectarios Lazaris, CTO
The globally dispersed teams were separated from head office which resulted in difficulties establishing and communicating company culture, and building team cohesion and cooperation.Unispace approached WebVine to help them create a responsive SharePoint intranet on Office 365.
How we helped

WebVine invested significant time to drill down into the issues Unispace were facing, and to understand their vision for the project. With this information, we applied best practice to identify options, develop a strategy and design information architecture. As an award-winning design firm, Unispace needed a beautiful platform with their branding, designed for maximum usability.WebVine recommended a digital workplace solution leveraging Injio for flexible design and rapid deployment.

Business Outcomes

The portal has been a tremendous success for Unispace. Teams can now visit their beautiful portal where they can access news, announcements, events, access their own personalised links and have conversations with staff in different locations around the world. Head office can effectively create and communicate the Unispace culture, building a sense of community and cross-discipline collaboration.
“We were able to connect our team, make them feel like part of one global business, where they can share their achievements and celebrate together and just understand what's happening across the broader studio network of Unispace."
- Mirelle Walker, Global Principal - Communications
Unispace employees no longer waste time trying to locate an office location or track down a subject matter expert, and can find the information they need to get things done.
“One of the key benefits is that people know that the data is stored within the platform. They know who's authored the documents, and they can make immediate contact with the author for more information.”
- Nectarios Lazaris, CTO


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