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A personalised report with scores across 9 categories

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Techniques for turning your intranet into a Digital Workplace

A personalised report with scores across 9 categories

“Thank you for the intranet review scorecard. It was a very interesting read and just the kind of information we needed.”

Maud Zenide,

National Bank Canada

“I’ve read the report and found it really useful. Our new intranet is really young so there are huge areas for improvement and further development.”

Maksym Perov,

Head of Internal Communications, Oschadbank

“Your review report has some excellent suggestions.”

Mahmod Ghaznavi,

Gisborne District Council

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Is your organisation’s Digital Workplace delivering? Can your staff connect with each other on their intranet, stay up to date with company news, compare ideas and celebrate wins? Do your executive team communicate and encourage front line staff, share resources and thought leadership via social enterprise? Can people access their SharePoint intranet on the go?

We have worked with many clients who have launched what they thought were perfect intranets for digital transformation, with digital workplace features and enterprise social platforms… and no one uses them. Sadly, if your intranet does not address your employees’ real business needs and help them achieve their working day outcomes, they will not care how much effort has gone into it.

Perhaps you have rolled out SharePoint, Office 365 or other technologies in your organisation and you haven’t really seen the result you were looking for. This quick but insightful survey will help you identify areas where you can move your unloved SharePoint intranet into a powerful digital workplace.