PowerApps is an enterprise service that allows nontechnical users to build custom mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Business users can create fully-functioning apps from existing data without deep technical knowledge or programming skills.

PowerApps has built-in connections to cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics, Salesforce, Dropbox and OneDrive and on-premises systems including SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle and SAP. You can also create your own custom connections.

It is included in most Office 365 subscriptions plans.

Helps with

Quick and dirty solutions. Build apps fast without using precious IT time or budget.

Better align technology with your unique business processes.

Intuitive design interface: Drag-and-drop functionality, handly templates and a familiar look and feel make it intuitive to use. The preview option shows you what you have built.

Share PowerApps simply by entering an email address.

Beware of

PowerApps Mobile runs on various types of devices, and some of them have limitations that are specific to that platform.

If you haven’t updated your app in a while, it’s a good idea to republish it to sync with the most recent version of PowerApps.

For custom apps, it can be difficult to track down errors and figure out how to solve them. Microsoft have released an App checker to help debugging.

Microsoft PowerApps

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