Kennards Self Storage

by | Jun 5, 2023

How Kennards Self Storage leveraged the benefits of modern SharePoint within their Injio intranet while retaining their distinctive look.


Kennards Self Storage is a privately owned, family-run business and one of the largest self-storage operators in Australia and the southern hemisphere. With over 100 locations Australia wide and in New Zealand. Kennards Self Storage strives to put the customer experience at the heart of the business. Cultivating a culture of trust and openness where employees can take ownership for their decisions is also pivotal to the business.


Kennards Self Storage had been successfully using their Injio SharePoint intranet ‘Atlas’ as a centralised platform to deliver essential information, celebrate their unique and positive culture and as a resource hub for daily centre management.

As the business has evolved, several workflows could benefit from automation including trailer agreement scanning and storing, incident reporting and delinquent approvals and reporting.

Furthermore, Kennards wanted to benefit from the modern SharePoint experience: new features, better performance, an improved security framework and to align ‘Atlas’ with Microsoft’s product development cycle.

The existing Atlas site had a clean, responsive homepage that encouraged users to focus on one thing at a time. Incorporated into the design was a prominent search bar to deliver useful results. It was important that this unique design was carried through to Injio Modern leveraging the SharePoint modern experience.


WebVine worked closely with the Kennards Self Storage team to transition Atlas from the SharePoint classic experience to SharePoint modern quickly and cost effectively. As part of the review process, new features and capabilities were implemented including the integration of the Microsoft Teams application into Atlas. New forms and workflows for storage agreements, trailer agreements, delinquency reporting and incident management were also created for users.

From a design perspective, WebVine strived to ensure that the new Atlas intranet shared a similar look and feel to the old intranet site.


The Kennards Self Storage Injio intranet ‘Atlas’ has been reborn. Atlas provides a greatly improved user experience with enhanced content management and workflow automation. Atlas offers a flexible information management structure with the added capability to cater for future document management requirements.

Kennards employees now have access to a fully responsive site with a raft of new and existing features and automated processes. The Digital Diary module has replaced an outdated paper system for managing Centre administration, saving valuable time and reducing inaccuracies. Atlas’ handy Toolbox delivers links to essential services at the click of a button. A Hazard Identification Register enables employees to flag any potential safety issues by uploading photos and assigning a risk rating. The automation of archiving for trailer and storage agreements has resulted in greater efficiencies and a reduction in paper usage.

Kennards Self Storage continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing a better employee experience through their ongoing investment in Atlas.

Our goal was to bring everyone closer together by creating a place where they can find things, do things, and say things anywhere, anytime on any device. WebVine’s Injio SharePoint platform has helped us realise that goal with immediate results

Darren Marshall
Chief Operating Officer


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