Protecting your organisation – and your team – in the hybrid workplace

Mar 4, 2021

Mandatory training in meeting room 1! Those were the days, when all we had to do was herd everyone into the room and ensure they signed the attendance sheet.  Except then of course someone had to collect, scan, verify and file each one.

Now things are more complicated. The need for training and policy education has never been greater, with hybrid work creating new risks in digital security and physical environments, alongside existing legal and contract compliance.

Without a dedicated system in place to deliver training and record recipient acknowledgement, organisations face potential legal issues. Just as importantly, there is a need to inform and protect staff from injury and to continue to help them learn and develop when working from home.

Policies are only as strong as the procedures in place to enforce them. No one wants to be collecting scanned signatures and updating spreadsheets. This is where your intranet comes in.

A single source of truth

Your intranet is already (or should be!) the single source of truth for policies, procedures and templates. It is therefore the logical place to put a training and attestation hub: a single location where staff can view training modules, access the relevant materials and – importantly – confirm their completion and understanding of the training. This is what is meant by attestation.

This hub can cover a wide range of training and compliance needs, delivering essential information and reducing organisational risk for:

  • Onboarding
  • Introducing a new technology
  • Home workplace health & safety
  • Security training – both physical and digital
  • New client contracts
  • Disclosures
  • Regulatory compliance requirements

The Injio SharePoint intranet has just such a feature, helping our clients manage training and policy updates efficiently. If you’d like to learn more about this or just about Injio, Contact Us Now.

Transparent, intuitive, efficient

A system that simplifies administration is a double win – managers spend less time tracking and hounding staff and the organisation reduces risk.

To this end, there should be an administration interface with a clear overview of training module completions for internal stakeholders, regulators and auditors. Ideally, automatic reminders should go to staff and managers when deadlines are missed.

Content still matters

Just because you can essentially force people to complete policy training does not mean you can serve up dull content. It is one thing to tick the compliance box, it is quite another to develop engaging, interactive training that delivers real benefits in the form of productive staff, reduced injury rates and a secure environment.

Try to include a mix of video, PowerPoint, web sites and reading material.  Microsoft Teams now has a new mode call PowerPoint Live that allows live presentations to incorporate both the presenter’s video image and content.

There should be a mechanism for people to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as ways to verify their understanding such as questionnaires, checklists and assessments. And you can still pick up the phone (or headphones) and ask people!

Where to start

If this all sounds rather difficult and not that exciting, no one said compliance and risk mitigation was fun. But what is definitely less fun is explaining a data breach or safety incident to the board or a legal team.

The good news is that there are inexpensive tools available to help manage your team’s training and policy updates for the benefit of everyone. Contact Us for more information about this and Injio intranet’s many other useful features, or if you just want something built in Teams and SharePoint, we can do that too.

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