by | Oct 13, 2021

Say hello to AccessEAP’s brilliant new SharePoint Intranet, designed to make life simpler and more streamlined for employees.


Australian owned AccessEAP is a social enterprise providing mental health and wellbeing services in the employee assistance programme (EAP) industry in Australia. As a founding member with over 30 years’ operational experience, AccessEAP is focused on developing and refining workplace best practices for a diverse range of industries. They take a people-first approach and believe that an EAP is an integral component of an overall employee wellbeing program that supports and empowers employees.


With a dispersed workforce delivering services across multiple locations, AccessEAP required a central online platform for employees while also providing a designated area for each team.

To improve productivity and reduce frustration, AccessEAP needed to reduce time spent searching for documents, make information more accessible on the go, manage document version control and improve knowledge sharing and collaboration.

From an internal communications perspective, AccessEAP wanted to be able to provide all employees with a single source of truth, whether it’s about important company policy changes or to do a pulse check survey.


The Injio project team worked closely with AccessEAP to understand their requirements via workshops, built out project frameworks, held project check-ins, carried out training sessions and assisted with the migration of documents into their new intranet.

In 12 weeks, we were able to deliver a customised and branded SharePoint intranet that not only met project deliverables but fell within budgetary requirements.

Major highlights to support and foster communication and culture amongst the dispersed workforce include a news ticker displaying daily inspirational quotes, an employee recognition tool allowing employees to call out great work, a birthday section on the front page and a wellbeing calendar.

To improve processes and productivity, AccessEAP employees have access to the procedure manual which is organised hierarchically according to service area categories. Using this, employees can view customer and internal procedures. The interactive location map provides rich visual and location information for various offices and counselling rooms across Australia.


Say hello to ‘Illuminate’, AccessEAP’s brilliant new centralised platform, designed to make life simpler and more streamlined for employees and to ensure they have everything they need at their fingertips. No longer do employees need to lose unnecessary time searching for documents or worry about whether they’re using the most up to date version.

An easily accessible mobile interface and responsive design means that any employee is able to access ‘Illuminate’ from anywhere, ensuring universal access and making it an integral part of key company processes like onboarding.

Employees now feel more connected than ever, regardless of their office location, and can seamlessly collaborate with other teams throughout the business.


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