Australian Hearing

Established in 1947, Hearing Australia is Australia’s largest provider of government-funded hearing services with 157 Hearing Centres Australia-wide. With over 1,300 staff, Hearing Australia are the hearing services provider of choice to over 335,000 people.
The Business Goal
Hearing Australia recently relaunched their high-profile brand as an authority to lead the way for the hundreds of thousands of Australians on the road to better hearing - an opportunity to set the standard of hearing health services and care throughout the country. The brand messaging needed to permeate through all levels and across hundreds of locations, incorporating a refreshed internal look and feel and the energising manifesto “Together we will”.
How we helped

WebVine implemented SharePoint Intranet Injio to communicate Hearing Australia’s brand identity and reinforce the progressive and caring culture across the organisation. Injio helps geographically dispersed teams develop a cohesive voice and inspires customer-facing staff to focus on delivering the very best care experience, every time.

Improved team information and search capability combined with one-click communications encourage teams to collaborate and support each other to achieve their goals. Each team member has the ability to create a personalised digital workplace experience with their own links and preferences, and to stay in touch with the pulse of Australian Hearing, no matter where they are.

Business Outcomes

The new Hearing Australia Hub has improved connections between Hearing Australia teams and reinforced their culture, making it easy for new starters to understand the organisation and giving existing employees a new way of working. Front line staff can easily share inspiring success stories to ensure everyone responsible for delivering exceptional customer service understands how their role contributes to organisation success. The increased focus on working together, enabled by the Injio platform has resulted in some exciting new cross-departmental collaborations, improving existing processes and highlighting untapped opportunities.

“MyHub supports the brand, it supports the customer experience and it supports our culture. I think it's fantastic.”

Bill Davidson, Managing Director

“We ended up with an interactive, responsive design. Users are engaged when they're accessing it from an external network: from their home, on the bus, in the taxi, so really happy with the outcomes of the project.”

Mike Alavi IT Project Manager

“We love it”

Rachel Roberts, Business Transformation Manager, Australian Hearing


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