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Berry street not for profit
Berry Street Not for Profit intranet
Established in 1877, Berry Street is one of Australia’s largest independent family service organisations, focused on protecting young people in need and strengthening families. The focus today is cultivating a child and family system geared towards early intervention and prevention.
Uniting staff and inspiring partners and donors is the belief that children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful, now and into the future.

The Business Goal
Berry Street has experienced considerable growth as an organisation, both in its workforce and services. Over the last ten years it has grown from approximately 800 to almost 1,400 staff. However, their communication and collaboration channels had not evolved.

As a result, Berry Street recognised the need for a centralised, integrated, easy to use collaboration platform to encourage teams to work together digitally, access documents, policies and procedures and news.

With a primarily frontline workforce, staff need to be able to access this platform anywhere on any device securely and be able to have conversations organisation-wide or within smaller groups. Similarly, with the advent of Covid-19, channels were required to share vital information and processes quickly and reliably.

How we helped
In partnership with Berry Street, the Injio project team worked closely to understand and detail their requirements via workshops. From this, a comprehensive project framework was designed, encompassing all the key areas to be addressed.

At the centre of this framework was a new SharePoint intranet tailored to the needs of Berry Street, to drive engagement and connect a dispersed workforce. Teams has been integrated into the intranet, addressing gaps in communication and collaboration.
A robust document management strategy and SharePoint solution was rolled out as part the organisation’s wider transformation using a standardised approach, eliminating frustrations and inefficiencies.

An extra special feature developed for Berry Street to protect and inform their staff was an interactive intranet map enhancement containing up to date fire risks around different office and service locations.

Business Outcomes
‘Bagung Ngarrgu’ (gather knowledge), ‘Yiaga yagilaith’ (Seek learning) and ‘Yiaga Ngarrgu’ (Seek knowledge) were the Woi Wurrung language names gifted to Berry Street by the Woi Wurrung Wurundjeri Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Co-Operation in a beautiful smoking ceremony to mark the launch of their new intranet.

All staff now have access to a centralised platform - a reliable source of information for company news, templates, staff details and more. Berry Street’s frontline workers are more engaged than ever, with the ability to interact socially including liking and commenting on photos, videos and articles.

WebVine continues to be a trusted technology partner for Berry Street and looks forward to working together to transform other areas of the business.


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