City of Parramatta

by | Aug 16, 2021

How City of Parramatta Council created a unified communications approach with Injio intranet, supporting both office and outdoor staff.


City of Parramatta is a major Sydney council with over 1,300 employees providing services to the area’s 235,000 residents. City of Parramatta plays a major role in revitalising the local government area, providing programs and services to improve the quality of life for its residents and to make Parramatta a great place to live and work.


With such a large and diverse staff, council had challenges with building inclusiveness and connection across both the indoor and outdoor teams.

Their current intranet was out of date and difficult to revise. Outdoor teams could not access it at all. There was a lack of governance and ownership around information management and search issues made resources difficult to find. The council saw the potential for improvements in collaboration and knowledge sharing as well as better corporate communications to reinforce their values and support staff working remotely.


A new intranet was required to support effective communication and build cohesiveness across the teams. WebVine conducted workshops to establish the council’s overall goals as well as technical and design requirements before recommending specific modules and configurations.

A central hub was built to house relevant resources across all business units, with current information that is easy to locate and access on the go. The Injio intranet provides a one stop shop for resources that can be accessed via desk PC or mobile, allowing every team member to access trustworthy and up to date information. Core systems and apps for each department can be accessed with one click from any page.

The locations map provides an interactive visual directory of cultural and community resources like child care and libraries, as well as council offices.

Social feeds from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube highlight council events and showcase public engagements, reinforcing the value that council employees provide to their residents and businesses every day. The calendar contains filters to view internal occasions and meetings or community events. A video gallery also ensures everyone has on-demand access to meeting recordings and important updates.


The new City of Parramatta intranet “Council Connect” is the single source of truth for council staff, supporting effective working practices as well as promoting their cultural values of Teamwork and Innovation. The clean design and responsive framework make navigation and interaction easy, with the magic links feature enabling each user to save their frequently accessed links, contacts and documents for one-click access.

Targeted news and announcements on the communication hub have reduced the reliance on email, while improving engagement with the corporate messaging. Social media feeds on the home page also help to keep all staff across City of Parramatta’s public updates.

It’s early days for Council Connect but the team are positive and excited.


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