Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee

by | Oct 20, 2022


LPLC provides professional indemnity insurance to Victorian barristers and solicitors and to many of Australia’s national law firms. The team required a central platform to host essential corporate content and to enable team members to quickly locate resources such as the strategic plan, office policies and procedures, contact lists and regularly used forms. In addition, a new platform was sought to help support company culture and connect colleagues. With an existing Microsoft platform in place, LPLC chose to leverage SharePoint for their Injio Go solution.


Prior to the commencement of their intranet project, the LPLC communications team had made significant progress outlining their required content and information architecture. The intranet delivery team was small and empowered to make decisions in line with the established intranet vision. This meant efficient and fast progress, with the whole project complete in less than eight weeks.

The previous website content experience of the Communications Team proved helpful in structuring content effectively, and the team achieved close adherence to LPLC’s branding, using the intuitive SharePoint online interface. Some innovative workarounds were used such as transparent image overlays and imitating SharePoint web parts with bespoke images to achieve the desired effect.


After a low-key launch featuring a helpful intranet walk-through for staff, LPLC now enjoy a central information source, housing essential information and publishing all news and communications.

Along with core corporate sections covering company policies and processes, information about ‘how we work’ and regularly used resources such as leave forms and a contact directory, the team took the time to include social and wellbeing content to maintain interest and engagement and reinforce a positive culture.

Injio Go has allowed the LPLC to consolidate a wide range of company applications and resources into a single channel, providing ease of access and consumption by users across the company. The communications team is acutely aware of the importance of keeping an Intranet fresh and relevant and is continuing to develop new content in close collaboration with colleagues.


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