Northern Beaches Council

by | Jun 16, 2021

How Northern Beaches Council is supporting hybrid work, creating engaging communication & automating processes with a SharePoint intranet.


Northern Beaches Council had been actioning a Digital Transformation strategy with the goal of adopting a digital operating model that puts customers, community and staff at the heart of everything they do.

Naturally, a new Digital Workplace formed a significant part of this transformation:

  • Connecting teams and providing staff with the tools to work effectively anywhere, any time
  • Empowering work/life balance
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation


Working with the Council change management team, WebVine established the current intranet status and the desired future state with specific goals and priorities. A series of workshops were held to design a SharePoint Modern digital workplace solution to support the Council’s Digital Transformation strategy and deliver process improvements as well as strong search, mobility and a beautiful, intuitive design. Content from the existing intranet was reviewed and migrated across with enhanced metadata, creating one source of truth with accurate, searchable content.

The new Injio intranet includes an idea management portal enabling staff to submit ideas for improvement. An employee recognition module allows team members to highlight the achievements of their colleagues and reinforce organisational values.

Page templates and approval workflows support fast creation of consistent corporate communications. News articles and announcements are targeted according to user profile, and the content creation and approval process is executed via automated workflows. Timely content is highlighted in a news ticker with ‘breaking news’ scrolling across the top of the homepage. People can engage with the content easily using the like, comment and share functions.

SharePoint integration with records management system (TRIM) provides the ability to publish and sync documents from the records management system into the intranet.


Council has made a successful transition to SharePoint Online, embracing all the advantages of the Microsoft platform’s enterprise features, security and technical road map. The team are now able to leverage this platform for the development of overarching future state strategies for user experience and business priorities. Integration of the intranet with Microsoft 365 will drive user adoption of the MS365 suite of products, enhancing efficiency with existing resources without investing further in more productivity tools.

Deployed mid 2020, the Council intranet has provided an essential platform to support the transition to work from home in response to Covid-19. The straightforward SharePoint Modern content creation process facilitates effective management of corporate communication and ensures staff feel informed and supported.

The seamless integration between records management system (TRIM) and SharePoint online provides the ability to publish and sync documents from the records management system into the intranet, eliminating inefficient duplication.

Injio’s mobile responsive pages provide enhanced digital collaboration and communication between office workers and outdoor staff, reducing both practical and social barriers and dramatically increasing productivity.


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