The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Programs

by | May 7, 2019

How a key Pathology body connected scientists, improved innovation and boosted communication using Injio SharePoint intranet in a box.


The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Programs (RCPAQAP) are world leaders in the provision of external quality assurance (EQA) for pathology laboratories. RCPAQAP global reach extends to 80 other countries around the world.


RCPAQAP for the first 25 years was very much a siloed organisation as each discipline of pathology had separate offices scattered around the country. In 2015 all were bought together to be under the same roof which bought a range of issues as they all had their own systems and workflows.

RCPAQAP had an opportunity to showcase their highly skilled and experienced team within the organisation with the aim of facilitating knowledge share to lead to more innovation.

Unfortunately, their intranet was out of date with obsolete content that was mostly only used by IT. There was very little user interaction with the platform and staff were accessing information via their own bookmarks or from other systems. It was not responsive and difficult to access via a clunky VPN for staff members while travelling.


WebVine used Injio to create an inviting intranet environment as the single entry point to all RCPAQAP information, bringing together multiple disciplines as one global team. A Communications platform reduces reliance on emails, the Event planner streamlines complex event preparations and a new SMS functionality allows instant disaster response to contact all staff.

The new dynamic organisation chart profiles individual skills to connect experts in different fields and improve knowledge sharing across the business.


RCPAQAP have a beautiful, responsive new intranet to encourage engagement, break down organisational silos and provide higher transparency throughout the business, improving productivity across the organisation.

The RCPAQAP intranet now sits at the heart of the organisation, facilitating collaboration for essential research, updates on internal committees and development projects.

Having launched late 2017, WebVine are now working with RCPAQAP to track their quantifiable goals and ensure their Injio intranet achieves real ROI.


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