St George Community Housing

by | Oct 4, 2018

Case study: how St George Community Housing facilitated two-way communication, staff engagement and interaction with a new intranet.


St George Community Housing develop and manage sustainable, safe and affordable homes and work to create vibrant, inclusive communities. SGCH provide a home for almost 9,000 people in 4,700 properties across Sydney. Close coordination is essential for SGCH to deliver their services efficiently to Sydneysiders in need.


As part of their broad strategic plan, SGCH created a people and development strategy with an ongoing focus on people and culture. A Digital Workplace promoting two-way communication, staff engagement and interaction was required with the ability to ask questions, run polls and start discussions like “I want to start a project, where do I begin?” as well as social, interactive and fun elements to drive intranet adoption.

To empower staff to be more efficient across multiple office locations, SGCH required a knowledge management system, storing official documents that staff could easily search, find and access.


WebVine leveraged the Injio platform to deliver a branded, engaging digital workplace for SGCH within 10 weeks. Teams stay informed and organisational knowledge is captured using the knowledge base via news, videos, SharePoint documents and FAQs. Team members can bookmark their own personal links for faster access.

Injio’s staff directory with flexible search allows people to find each other even if they are not sure of name spelling using job title, business unit and skills. Staff can recognise each other for achievements and attitude, reinforcing the SGCH values of Support, Accountability, Respect and Integrity.

Groups can connect and collaborate across interests and teams including group discussions to accelerate construction projects, and also social groups like the SGCH bike riders and footy tippers.

The Announcements module allows targeted status updates like “Reception short staffed today / Flood at 123 Property Street all residents affected / trains to city delayed”. Announcements reduce the need for “all staff” emails and can be targeted by department or location to make them even more relevant.


SGCH have a strong connection with their staff, with an overall staff satisfaction rating of 86% and a staff engagement score of 80%.95% of staff believe in the overall purpose and values of the organisation and 86% of staff would recommend SGCH as a good place to work.

WebVine will continue to deliver new modules and create enhancements to Injio to help SGCH further strengthen their staff engagement and continue to deliver valuable services to their customers.


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