A SharePoint intranet should deliver true business benefits

Remove the daily grind

Productivity – get stuff done

Attract top talent

Respond to industry changes

Collaboration – work with ease

Make decisions more efficiently

Your intranet must be more than just a place to catch up on the company news. It must help people to work faster and more effectively: solve their problems and reduce the day to day trials of manual processes and email overload that distract people from their true purpose within the organisation.

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If your intranet has been around for a few years, particularly if it’s an out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet, it can start looking a bit tired. If no one is using your intranet, it is likely suffering from:

  1. Unappealing design
  2. Does not solve any business problems
  3. Out of date and duplicated information
  4. Slow & painful search
  5. No ownership or senior support

We can solve these problems more quickly and cost effectively than you might think.

Injio SharePoint intranet

A SharePoint intranet you will love,
delivered fast

Injio is a fully functional intranet solution that can deliver you a cost effective, dynamic and beautiful intranet in a matter of weeks. Completely responsive, Injio allows mobile access on the go. Choose one of our professionally designed templates or use your own branding. However you want it to look, we can make it happen.
Microsoft SharePoint

On Premise or in the Cloud

Runs on:
Microsoft SharePoint
SharePoint on premise 2013
SharePoint on premise 2016
Office 365 SharePoint online
Nothing stored on our environment, it’s all yours.
SharePoint intranet project

Proven Delivery Framework

We take the time to understand
your goals and work with you to
find the right solution.
Our 5-step framework will have
you up and running before you
know it.
Ongoing SharePoint development

Dynamic and Future Proof

With new modules continually
being developed, your Injio intranet
will stay up to date,
helping you leverage Office 365. No
need to relaunch in 3 years time!

Your success is our success

Injio has delivered business benefits for some leading organisations:

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