A Magic Wand for collaborative teams

Apr 18, 2017

“Collaboration technologies must help shape how work is performed and enable teamwork that leads to better results, greater innovation and higher productivity”

– How Collaboration Technologies Can Boost Business Performance, Accenture.

When you walk through your office, do you see people working in isolation, heads down, typing away furiously? They can’t keep up with the work, can’t type fast enough, coffees getting slugged down, wearing themselves out, making phone calls, emails flying.

Imagine you had a magic wand that could help them start to engage with each other. To effortlessly share information, find relevant documents and templates, refer experts to other people in need of their knowledge. Smiles appear, energy moves, fresh air breezes through and everyone is relieved. When an organisation moves from a siloed environment to a digital collaborative workplace, the shift is tangibly felt.

“Where can I get one of these wands???”

If you are frustrated with SharePoint or other technologies, you may not believe that such a thing exists. But designed well and managed properly, a Digital Workplace will improve the way people work together, and increase the amount of time they spend on value creation.

Australian companies must look to transform all of the interactions of their employees into digitally empowered experiences, rather than mistakenly assume that tools like email and social media are adequate tools. – The Many Benefits of a Digital Workplace Transformation, Sarah Adam-Gedge, September 30, 2015. http://blog.avanade.com/avanade-insights/digital-business/the-many-benefits-of-a-digital-workplace-transformation/

Some of the benefits of a digital workplace include:


Facilitating information exchange can have significant impact on the bottom line through saving costs or increasing revenue.


Help your teams get more done with less effort. Are there repetitive tasks and reports that consume everyone’s time? Could there be an easier way?

Pride and pleasure:

Slaving over an inbox all day doesn’t make people feel productive. When people feel that they are contributing meaningfully to the organisation, they enjoy coming to work.


What if you could post a question that was answered in minutes with great insights, and that many others also saw for months later – now that is great use of resources.


Fostering a collaborative culture can surface exciting innovations. People from different parts of the company align with common goals to develop original and creative solutions.

The Digital Workplace wand is powerful, but in the hands of the novice, it won’t produce the results. Download our guide to the 10 keys to transform your Intranet into a Digital Workplace for the top 10 essentials to propel your organisation towards Digital Workplace success.

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