SharePoint can solve your top 5 business problems

Sep 11, 2017

Don’t be fooled. The staff intranet can come across as a warm and fuzzy enterprise where nebulous benefits like “staff engagement” are obtained, where photos of charity morning teas and the over-achieving company City to Surf team reside.

But Digital Workplaces are serious business, delivering measurable benefits to smart organisations.

“Where you enable digital transformation for your employees, it’s the biggest ROI on talent and on output that I think you can get.”

Ryan Asdourian, Microsoft

Your intranet should be delivering:

1) Profit

Whether saving costs or increasing revenue, Digital Workplaces can bring about substantial financial benefits. Get products and services to market faster. Make greater margins on project delivery via efficiencies achieved and potential additional outcomes secured with lower cost base.

2) Productivity

It’s tempting to be general about productivity gains, but your intranet needs to show demonstrable improvements in frequent tasks for a significant proportion of staff. Improved access to information, online forms and automated workflows should be delivering time saving benefits to multiple people. Work out how much time saved, how many people and how often to calculate ROI.

3) Employee retention

It’s well-known that employee turnover rates come as a high cost to companies. According to an oft-quoted statistic, employers spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary in order to find and train their replacement. If you can use your Digital Workplace platform to truly create an inclusive, transparent supportive and exciting culture as well as make it easier for people to work more flexibly, the right staff will stay longer and contribute more.

4) Make the most of company resources

Using your social platform, senior executives can communicate environmental shifts to staff, either as a heads up to prepare for regulatory change, or a call to snaffle clients after the demise of a competitor. A new, time-saving presentation template can be shared instantly to all marketing resources. HR policies are easily searchable using region-specific keywords. The opportunities to achieve incremental process improvements through your Digital Workplace are almost endless.

5) Faster innovation

An insight is recorded for others to consider. An idea is posted and critiqued by different departments without the need for a 2 hour meeting. Teams can create and deliver new innovations faster with increased collaboration across disciplines and time zones. Department heads can stay on top of developments without interrupting the project teams using Business Intelligence dashboards.

Is your intranet a profit-generating, silo-busting, project-winning high achiever? Or a sad repository for lonely news announcements and out of date phone numbers? Take our quiz for a free report, built by industry experts containing strategies to improve your performance and techniques for turning your intranet into a Digital Workplace.

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